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Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films presents ‘Disconnected’



Gul Panag as Akanksha discovers how a family that seems normal under social media gaze is actually terribly disconnected

New Delhi, November 4, 2020: Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films’ latest release ‘Disconnected’ is a story that explores how technology and social media can push one further away from the real world that it claims to keep one connected to. The film, directed by Suhail Tatari, delves into the lives of a middle-aged couple Parimal and Akanksha, played by Satyadeep Misra and Gul Panag and their teenaged daughter Rhea, played by Mehak Thakur.

The story follows the members of this seemingly normal family, as they go about a regular day in their lives, but it turns out to be the day that brings to the fore the nature of their disconnected lives. It takes a defiant rant from a teenaged Rhea to underline what the fascination to stay connected with the virtual world has done to their family and especially to her.

Talking about the script Gul Panag said, “I have felt for long the need to reduce time spent on smartphones, that it’s a rabbit hole that can take you places you didn’t intend to, literally and metaphorically, is beside the point. Disconnected is something I connected with at first read and I’m truly delighted to have helped bring it to life.”

Speaking on the occasion, director Suhail Tatari said, “When technology begins to engulf one’s life the consequences can be disastrous. The theme of Disconnected resonated with me when I looked around myself and saw majority of people addicted to their phones, for more reasons than one.  Where are we headed as a society… the exploration was an immersive and an eye opening journey!”

“The seed of the idea for Disconnected came from a very basic observation I had of the evolving world around us. A world wherein the fascination to stay connected virtually via network platforms, social media outlets and the likes, is on the rise. A world where the fine line between staying connected with the virtual world vs being obsessed and seeking validation from the virtual world is often crossed,” said writer and producer, Mandhir Sahni.

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