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rankethon-mti-newsTo give students a chance of practical learning RANKETHON world class learning system has launched school tech integration program for school students. Under this program, technical learning & mentorship by IIT will be provided to the students. The school tech integration program includes ROBOTICS Laboratories, science buzz lab & game + web development hub which will be installed in different schools across the country. Each student will learn a subject from robotics, web development, app development, animation, graphic, etc. based on their interest. An interesting & highlight of the entire program is its mentorship program provided by students under guidance of IIT professors. The program has been launched in Hajipur, Kharagpur & Kanpur and is supported by IIT Kharagpur professors
Students can learn robotics and make there own bots. which will develop their practical learning to make bots. E-study materials will help students to learn the subject in more clear and perfect way. The highlight of the program is that young science students will learn various innovative and technical aspects of learning. This will help the students to display their innovation thinking as well as design their own inventions. This method of learning will provide excellent chance for students to explore science world. The company will provide trained teachers in school to make students learn about the program.

In the words of Prof, Manoj Mandal – Indian Institute Of Technology Kharagpur, “It is immense pleasure to be part of this unique program. The Rankethon is totally new learning methodology which will improve the learning amongst the students.”
Abhishek singh, CEO & Founder – Rankethon said, “RANKETHON kind of learning system will help students in broadening their imagination & use their creativity at its best. This kind of learning will make students understand concepts better using digital aids, analyze their strengths and weaknesses, and have conversations with teachers.” He further said, “Presently, we have launched this program in Hajipur, Kharagpur & Kanpur & plan is to spread across the cities in India.”

In the mentorship program, based on the academic syllabus of 4 years for class 9 and 10, 2 years of class 11th and 1 year of class 12th , the students will be guided and educated through the study materials prepared by the past and current students of IIT Kharagpur. The study material will involve topic wise questions according to the academic curriculum and the students will be educated with the modern techniques through which those problems can be solved. Each group of 20 students will be assigned a mentor from IIT. The students can discuss their doubts and questions related to academics and get immediate answers.
Similar program will be set-up for villages by Rankethon Team by the name of JANKHOJ NGO (Free of cost) that will be launched in Summers 2017. Apart from this, through the Distance Learning Program (DLP), Rankethon provides the guidance in the field of various preparation of national and state level examinations through its various e-study materials.

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