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Paramount Surgimed Ltd launches Adult Diapers with ADL for Extra Dry Feeling



AroKleen Adult Diapers (1)Paramount Surgimed Ltd. introduces “AroKleen” Disposable Adult Diapers with (ADL) acquisition distribution layer, wetness indicator and leak proof. The Diapers are user friendly, affordable and highly beneficial to both male and female persons with bladder problems commonly known as Urinary incontinence.

Arokleen Adult Diapers provide affective incontinence management for those who require or prefer an all in one product. The (ADL) acquisition distribution layer, brings feeling of softness and comfort, sanitary and refresh. Arokleen Diapers offer increased absorption and leakage protection by using materials of the highest quality and including super.

The Paramount Unisex, Disposable Aro Kleen Adult Diapers are user friendly and give the user long-lasting comfort and maintain a high standard of hygiene at the same time makes the user feel secure and continue normal daily activities. Paramount Surgimed Limited, as a part of their Corporate Social Responsibility mandate, is working actively with Age-Care India to provide Adult Diapers to needy old age people and help them lead a better quality of life.

AroKleen Adult Diapers are the perfect solution to the problem of urinary incontinence increasing in elderly population both in males and females. Urinary Incontinence is an involuntary leakage of urine and can occur in all age groups. The usage of Adult Diapers is very vast and not just restricted to senior citizens. Women may need adult diapers during pregnancy sometimes, uterus removal or normal aging post 60. Men may need adult diapers again due to aging, prostrate removal etc. These Diapers are also beneficial for a person with Alzheimer or for a person on a wheelchair who may be unable to reach and use a toilet on time.

The AroKleen Adult Diapers come equipped with a wetness indicator that indicates optimum utilization and indication of correct time for change thus keeping a check on the hygiene and wellbeing of the wearer. The Waist band at the back gives a perfect fit in all positions. Paramount’s state-of-the-art production facility has the capability of producing very high qualities with smart leak guards.   Smart leak guards prevent leakage from sides and a back lamination sheet helps to prevent hypersensitive reaction and allergies.

The Adult Diapers are available in various sizes – Medium, Large and Extra Large. The price of Aro Kleen starts from Rs 390/- to Rs. 490/ for 10 pcs/pack and Rs 195/- to Rs. 245/ for 5 pcs/pack. The AroKleen Adult Diapers are available across the country through the extensive distributor/dealer network of the Company.


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