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Mental healthcare is now Acceptable, Accountable and Accessible with



EPSYthe online platform that promises the best of mental and emotional wellness & healthcare to clients via world-class therapies, psychiatric, wellness and counseling services announces its official launch. Those facing any kind of emotional or mental stressors can now access superlative mental wellness & healthcare facilities in the comfort of their homes or offices and that too in complete privacy. With this launch, ePsyClinic envisages achieving its Triple A Plan that focuses on making mental healthcare services ‘Acceptable, Accountable and Accessible’ to every Indian who needs it but has been too shy to open up about it so far. 

 Speaking on the launch, Ms. Shipra Dawar, Founder and CEO said, “In India, unfortunately, there is a lot of stigma attached to mental or emotional issues. More than 50% of the urban population has been silently dealing with mental or emotional stressors. Due to lack of awareness, these maladies aren’t treated like any other medical pain points that need quick help. In many cases, therefore, the client continues to suffer for years after the problem arises and reaches a point where even when mental health services are accessed, it is often too little & too late.  It’s therefore time that we accept their prevalence and work to overcome these issues. To shatter these stereotypes and to make discussions of mental wellness acceptable and its treatment easily accessible and accountable to the client, we are pleased to launch”

She further added, “Our lives today are cluttered with multiple negative thoughts and issues, synonymous with a busy highway cluttered with cars. Just like we need flyovers today to manage traffic for smooth movement, we also need to be a flyover amidst our difficulties in order to navigate happily on the roads of life!”

  Currently, ePsyClinic offers services in four categories namely Age Group, Life Stage, Personal Context and Debilitating Issues. These services are provided across a spectrum of 12 specialities viz. Children & Adolescents, Young Adults, Elderly, Pregnancy & Post-Pregnancy, Family & Relationships, Effective Parenting, Sexuality, Lifestyle, Professional Wellness, Health issues & Caregivers, Psychological Issues and Addiction.

 Ms. Dawar summarized the concept of saying, “ is not just a technology aggregator. It is a platform that promises to make the best of mental wellness & emotional healthcare for psychological and psychiatric healing easily available & deliverable via audio, video, chat or messages. Also, sessions are structured for delivering positive health outcomes. We train our providers internally for complete online management of the client’s issues.  We are also roping in global experts in the field and embracing world-renowned technologies at great speed to make ePsyClinic the one-stop destination for anybody seeking assistance to deal with stressors in life, depression, anxiety, or any other similar condition.”

 It targets working professionals, families in tier 1 and tier 2 cities of India, pregnant women, educated, working women and Indian expats and their families. Through comprehensive and quality focused care, management and treatment for emotional & mental health issues, would like to address the rising symptoms and occurrence of mental health issues among Indians through effective solutions online.