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Vitamin D Enriched Eggs_Suguna Foods For the first time in India, Suguna Foods – one of the top ten poultry companies worldwide has launched a whole new range of Vitamin D enriched eggs. With studies showing over 70% ofgeneral population in India to be vitamin deficient, these super speciality eggs provide 82% of the daily requirement of Vitamin D that an individual needs to have in his body. It is fortified with Vitamin D and other nutrients to help maintain a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle for people of all age groups and health conditions.

Recent studies have revealed that over 70% of Indians suffer from vitamin D deficiency, while a further 15% are found to be vitamin D insufficient. With the fast-paced, stressed-out lifestyles and long working hours and little or no time for outdoor activities, more and more people are suffering from vitamin D deficiency. On the other hand, staying in the sun for long hours is also not recommended especially without the use of sunscreen. In an attempt to avoid sun exposure and its harsh effects on the human skin, people completely deprive their body of sunlight — which is so essential for the human body to make vitamin D.

Lack of vitamin D does not just affect your bones, but poses more serious problems when neglected.  The human body can make its own vitamin D when exposed to sunlight unlike other vitamins. This vitamin is essential for overall good health and strong bones and also plays an important role in the functioning of your muscles, brain, lungs and heart and ensures that your body fights infection. Eggs are a convenient way to get vitamin D. They are the most inexpensive and the healthiest protein source. It is a source that can gives you a lot of health benefits which may not even think of.

Mr. G.B. Soundararajan, Managing Director, Suguna Foods Ltd., said, “At Suguna, there is a relentless emphasis on creating the best product for the consumers. Vitamin D is an essential vitamin required by the body for the absorption of calcium, bone development, immune functioning, and alleviation of inflammation. Understanding the importance of Vitamin D in a human body and the alarming rate of its deficiency in the country, Suguna Foods have introduced this specialized product after much research for the consumers. Suguna Foods are the second organization in the world to introduce this unique product in the market for consumption. These eggs not only provide nutritional value but also provide specific functional benefits to the consumer such as builds strong bones and teeth, strengthens immune system and reduces risk of softening of bones, rickets, hypertension and diabetes. “

 Priced at Rs. 48 for a pack of 6 eggs

These speciality eggs are available in all the leading supermarkets and Suguna Daily fresh stores.