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Now Stay Fit, Keep Others Fit With Fitgen’s Smart Activity Tracker



Fitgen Product - TREKStaying fit has become a popular jargon nowadays in the wake of increasing awareness on the advantages of leading a fit lifestyle. It is, however, a fact that while people are aware, they lack action to make it a reality. There remains a thin line to step to the other side, which many are not able to cross in the absence of “motivation and willpower’.

If you too have been struggling to bridge this fine gap, Fitgen has a solution in the form of its first-of-its-kind activity tracker, namely ‘Trek’, that not just makes you keep yourself fit, but also take care of your loved ones. The Fitgen device and its

​​app help you connect with friends, family members and build fitness communities of preferred members wherein each one of them can track the activities of others and create challenges to tap onto the competitive spirit.

As it easily makes people measure their performance and compare it with that of others round-the-clock, the Fitgen product acts as a perfect ‘Motivator, Enabler and Companion’. Besides providing for the fun to connect with friends and family members for fitness sake, daring them and beating challenges together, the very important aspect it touches is of pushing the motivation level of people and keeping it intact.

“We realized that people in the initial phase are full of energy and are enthusiastic about their fitness programs and plans, but as time passes this seems to die down. Everything comes back to square one, resulting in the fitness resolutions to fall flat. After going deep into the reasons for the failure of sticking to the plans, we concluded that just motivation is not enough. We realized that what we cannot measure we cannot control. We also realized that when people worked together, the success rates were higher. We then thought of creating a product that addresses these issues. Our product helps you measure your activity and drives the motivation levels of people, while providing companionship in their goal to stay fit. With Fitgen one not only takes care of oneself, but also of their near and dear ones,” said Mr Anurag Malhotra, Chief Executive Officer, Fitgen Solutions.

The Fitgen device can be synchronized with the Fitgen app that can be downloaded on any phone supporting iOS or Andriod. All the data the activity tracker captures keeps getting updated on the app. The information is available on the wearable device as well and can be viewed any time. However, for detailed information, one can check the app and even create the profile page containing all information on oneself. People can feed details about the food consumed or to be consumed and measure the intake of calories and how much the body needs to burn to stay fit.

The device is fed with the goal of attaining 10,000 steps a day as it is believed that these numbers of steps are ideal to stay fit, though one can very well go beyond the figure. Not just steps, the tracker takes into account various movements of a person and accordingly makes him indulge in more activities. There are availability of graphical representation of the activities one takes for easy deciphering of numbers.

Unlike foreign-made devices, the Fitgen app has in-built Indian food menu, spanning from North to South India and from West to East India, along with continental delicacies for calculation of calories consumed.

Besides, Fitgen device users can send each other requests and add more people to create a community. With the help of the leader dashboard on the app, they can keep an eye on others’ performance and stay motivated. In a group, people can create challenges and dare others to achieve them. Fitgen device users also receive regular notifications on the percentage of goals achieved to keep people motivated at all times.

With your companion and motivator on your side, take the path of keeping yourself fit, alone or with others, as you like it!

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