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From L- R, Neil George, MD,NIVEA INDIA, Sachin Killawal, Marketing Director,NIVEA INDIA, Taapsee Pannu, Rakshit Hargave,SVP,Beiersdorf AG, &Tatiana Ponce, VP Marketing, BeiersdorfFrom L- R, Neil George, MD,NIVEA INDIA, Sachin Killawal, Marketing Director,NIVEA INDIA, Taapsee Pannu, Rakshit Hargave,SVP,Beiersdorf AG, & Tatiana Ponce, VP Marketing, Beiersdorf
  • Launches ‘NIVEA MILK DELIGHTS®’ – a range of milk based face washes for ‘Healthy looking skin’
  • A face wash range developed by NIVEA in India, for the Indian consumer – a first ever for the German major!

Mumbai, March 6, 2019 : NIVEA, the world’s no 1 skincare brand, announced its entry in the face wash segment in India by launching ‘NIVEA Milk Delights®’ a range of daily face washes for ‘Healthy looking’ skin.

The German major, has developed a customized solution for the Indian consumer’s skincare needs with ‘real goodness of milk for healthy looking skin’.

Apart from being the first-ever product range by NIVEA that is a customized solution for the Indian consumer’s skincare needs, this is a complete range of milk-based face cleansers for different skin types. NIVEA Milk Delights® comprises of four variants to address the needs of dry, oily, sensitive and normal skin, with goodness of Milk and local home-remedy ingredients.
Taapsee Pannu, face for NIVEA India’s face care category launched Milk Delights® at an event in Mumbai today.

At the core of this range is ‘Milk’, an ingredient traditionally revered for its healthy and nutritional values and also a natural cleanser that offers unmatched cleansing. With a pH level similar to skin’s own, milk helps maintain the pH balance of the facial skin. The goodness of milk proteins, nourish the skin from deep within, keeping it moisturized all day long.

In combination with ‘Milk’ there are four variant using Rose, Gramflour, Saffron and Honey, which are inspired from the traditional Indian home remedies.

An outcome of extensive research, of different Indian skin types, local home remedies and healthy skin understanding, NIVEA’s approach towards its face wash range is set to revolutionize the category.

Neil George, Managing Director, NIVEA India, says “The Indian consumer is unique with a unique ‘need state’ and ‘skin type’. We were surprised to understand that there isn’t a single product that addresses the basic need of ‘healthy looking’ skin, which is the very definition of ideal skin by the consumers. NIVEA Milk Delights® is a revolutionary approach towards face cleansing category with a solution that addresses Indian skin requirements with the real goodness of milk and natural ingredients”.

He further adds, “Championing our foray into the highly competitive face care segment is acclaimed Bollywood star, Taapsee Pannu who truly represents Emerging India. She is confident, authentic and caring and these are the values that resonate perfectly with NIVEA”.

Milk Delights® – A Daily Face Wash for Healthy Looking Skin

Science meets tradition: Milk, a natural cleanser, offers effective cleansing with care. The fats in milk remove excessive oil and dirt from the face and maintain the skin’s natural moisture.

Milk is combined with traditional home remedy ingredients such as rosewater, gramflour, saffron and honey to provide caring face wash solutions for different skin types.


  • Milk Delights® for Sensitive Skin with Caring Rose water

Rosewater helps soothe skin redness and irritation with its anti-inflammatory properties while hydrating deeply, keeping skin smooth and soft.

Gentle, yet effective, NIVEA Milk Delights® with Caring Rosewater is a daily-use facewash for healthy-looking skin everyday.

  • Milk Delights® for Oily Skin with Fine Gramflour

Gram flour soaks up excess oil and prevents your face from looking shiny and greasy through the day. It’s the perfect ingredient to remove dead cells, giving you clear and beautiful skin.

NIVEA Milk Delights® with Fine Gramflour is a daily-use for healthy-looking skin everyday.

  • Milk Delights® for Dry Skin with Moisturising Honey

Honey nourishes deeply and has a hydrating effect on dry skin. It contains natural moisturizers which give you soft, smooth skin and also prevents water loss by locking in the moisture.

NIVEA Milk Delights® with Moisturising Honey is a daily-use facewash for healthy-looking skin everyday

  • Milk Delights® for Normal Skin with Precious Saffron

Saffron helps boost blood circulation to give the skin a natural glow. It even gives a clear skin-tone by reducing pigmentation.

NIVEA Milk Delights® with Precious Saffron is a daily-use facewash for healthy-looking skin everyday.

Unique drop shaped packaging

The packaging of the Milk Delights® Facewash is in the shape of a milk drop, which stands upright. This is unique because most of the products in the face wash category are available in the tube format, which is upside down. With a cap on the top instead of the bottom, it prevents unhygienic accumulation at the top. This makes the face wash easier and cleaner to use and solves an important hygiene related concern of the consumers.


Pricing: 50 ml at Rs. 85 and 100 ml at Rs. 165