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Times Network Celebrates Digit Magazine’s 23rd Anniversary with Pioneering AI-Q Launch



Mumbai, June 26, 2024:  Times Network, India’s premier broadcast and digital network commemorates Digit magazine’s 23rd anniversary with the launch of a groundbreaking AI offering, Digit’s AI-Q (AI Quotient), the first standardized measure of AI performance for consumer electronics in the publishing industry. Recognized as the go to destination for consumer technology since 2001, Digit was recently acquired by Times Network, bolstering its continued investment in its digital publishing business, which already reaches over 110 million monthly active users and garners more than 1 billion monthly video views.

Powering its commitment to innovation with the latest technological advancements, in-depth testing, and analysis, Digit’s AI-Q (AI Quotient), is a proprietary scoring system that evaluates the AI capabilities of various devices including smartphones, laptops, televisions, etc. The AI-Q score enables users to understand the AI specifications in their gadgets, helping them make informed decisions. The AI Quotient is derived from an extensive testing process involving 80 AI and Computer Vision tests executed on the Neural Processing Unit (NPU) of devices. These tests cover various aspects such as Object Recognition/Classification, Semantic Segmentation, Parallel Object Recognition, Optical Character Recognition, Object Tracking, Image & Video Processing, Face Recognition, Camera Scene Detection, Natural Language Processing, and more. The stringent benchmarking process examines over 180 different aspects of AI performance, including speed, accuracy, and initialization time, ensuring a thorough and holistic evaluation.

Commenting on this technological breakthrough, Rohit Chadda, President & COO – Digital, Times Network said, We acquired Digit as part of our strategic growth initiatives and are poised to drive it into its next phase of growth. AI-Q is truly a groundbreaking innovation of our time and sets a new benchmark showcasing Digit’s thought leadership in the Technology industry. With the rise of Generative AI and its integration into all kinds of devices, Digit empowers users to understand the true AI capabilities of their gadgets. Our stringent benchmarking process, involving 80 models and more than 180 aspects of AI performance, ensures a comprehensive evaluation of speed, accuracy, and initialization time.”


As part of its continuous effort to empower consumers with latest information, has introduced Digi-AI-zed, a new segment on its website. This dedicated section will serve as a comprehensive source for all AI-related news and reviews, catering to both users and industry leaders seeking the latest advancements in AI technology.

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