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LA based band releases their new EP ‘Drifting Away’ in India on



Dream Alive_Drifting AwayMumbai, July 2016: The high-energy atmospheric rock band, ‘Dream Alive’, recently released their new album ‘Drifting Away’ in India on Based in Los Angeles, CA, ‘Dream Alive’ is a retro-influenced rock band and uses influences from rock legends like Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Rush and melds them into modern sound for today’s audiences. This exhilarating and electric rock band’s main aim is to bridge the gap between classical rock roots and modern rock influences. The new track hypnotically captivates for over six minutes. It encapsulates the collection’s temporal theme that Time is fleeting, and constantly looking back makes you lose the time you had. It highlights the fact that Time isn’t something to be feared, one should embrace it and make most of it.

In a surge of creativity the band wrote, recorded, self-produced and mastered this EP, Drifting Away, in less than four weeks. The group – Karan Parikh (lead guitar, vocals), Nik Phoeniks (lead vocals, keyboards), Ramon Ryder (rhythm guitar, vocals), and Martin Fredriksson (bass) – tapped the drum talents of David Myers (Zayn Malik, Frank Ocean) and mastering by Kevin Bartley (Gorillaz, Social Distortion) for the EP. They conjured an undeniable energy that picks up where the band’s inspired 2014 debut album, Before The Dawn, leaves off.

The group claims to have built upon their debut album and added a lot more depth to their latest offering. “Time To Go”, “What We Are Looking For”, “War In The Sky” and “Drifting Away” are featured in the group’s new album. Each single has a special element to it, it could be a thick riff blending into a soaring refrain or a fiery instrumentation into an equally potent vocal howl.

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