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KidZania India aims to become largest market in the world – Celeberates 10 Years of Edutainment



(L-R)  Xavier Lopez Ancona – President and CEO, KidZania_ Paras Chandaria – Founder and Promoter, KidZania India and Sanjeev Kumar, Chairman – Advisory board, at the celebrations of KidZania completing 10 years in India


~ Earmarks US $50million for expansion in five additional cities ~


Mumbai, August 30th, 2023: KidZania India, the renowned award-winning global indoor theme park, proudly announces its 10-year anniversary of providing innovative edutainment experiences to young visitors and families. Over the past decade, KidZania India has continued to make waves with its “Edutainment” concept, a combination of education and entertainment enabling children to experiment with different professions inspiring creativity, education, and fun through its unique role-playing activities, and the celebrations are set to mark this remarkable milestone.


Xavier Lopez Ancona, President & CEO, KidZania said, “From observing children worldwide, I marveled at the commonalities in their behaviors and play. The insatiable curiosity and love for hands-on, experiential learning sparked KidZania’s vision. I imagined a realm where education seamlessly blends with entertainment—a harmonious fusion. KidZania embodies the belief that learning should be exhilarating; where young minds engage in lifelike scenarios, make choices, and understand the value of teamwork. As we celebrate 10 years of KidZania in India, our mission remains steadfast: to equip future leaders with a platform igniting exploration, nurturing creativity, and unlocking the joy of discovery. In this nurturing space, we empower tomorrow’s trailblazers.”


Sharing his thoughts on KidZania’s journey in India, Paras Chandaria, Founder and Promoter, KidZania India said, “Our investment choice in KidZania goes beyond finances; it’s an investment in the future of education, entertainment, and the next generation of leaders. In a rapidly evolving world, innovative learning approaches are vital to engage young minds while preparing them for tomorrow’s challenges. KidZania aptly fulfills this need by offering immersive experiential learning that not only entertains but also imparts essential life skills such as decision-making, collaboration, and problem-solving. This investment is a belief in nurturing young minds for a brighter and more capable future, and we’re thrilled to contribute to this transformative journey.”


Throughout its journey, KidZania India has maintained strong brand partnerships that have contributed to collaborative success. Starting with brands like Parle, synonymous with KidZania India for the longest period, has been an integral part of the park’s growth. Alongside, KidZania India has welcomed new brand partnerships with industry giants like TVS and Mahindra Lifespaces, enhancing the range of experiences for its visitors. KidZania now boasts 24 purpose partners, each contributing to the diverse and engaging activities children can explore.


“We have seen a gradual recovery after the pandemic, footfalls are returning to pre-pandemic levels across both our centers. Footfalls have presently touched around 7.2 million over the last 10 years. Over the next two years, we will be looking at spreading out in five additional markets starting with Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Chennai and Pune. The formats may vary depending on the locations we finalise, wherein we may have smaller centers. In the next 8-10 years, India will become the largest market for KidZania across the world, with atleast 7-8 centers surpassing Mexico with four centers. Similarly, Tier 2 markets and upcoming towns with high density of children will be tapped into”, Chandaria added.


The anniversary celebrations were marked by a series of events that captured the essence of KidZania India’s journey. The day commenced with a heartwarming welcome song performance, showcasing the energy and enthusiasm that has defined the park’s spirit over the years. The festivities also included a special felicitation ceremony, where old employees, media partners, and promoters who have been integral to KidZania India’s growth were honored for their enduring contributions. This gesture aimed to recognize and celebrate the collaborative efforts that have shaped KidZania India’s success story.

KidZania India has indeed marked a 10-year-long journey of impacting young minds positively and encouraging them to explore, learn, and dream big. The celebration of this milestone reflects the park’s commitment to fostering a generation of creative thinkers, problem solvers, and future leaders.