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Kabuliwala’s Happy Stories Workshop



Kabuliwala storyteller Kamal Pruthi invites all the children and parents to a unique week long theatre, storytelling and creative writing workshop at RANGAT, Laxmi Nagar. From 8th to 12th June, 9:30 am to 12:30 p.m. For enquiries: 9910894049, or WhatsApp 8861907362.  More details on museumtheatre page.
Note from the Workshop Facilitator: Kamal Pruthi
Summer vacations
Summer vacations start indeed with a bang, for both, the children as well as the parents.  On one hand kids are highly excited to stay away from schools and chill out in more ways than one, parents get jittery of how the next 1.5 months will be for them when the kids will be their responsibility for all 24 hours unlike the school days when one third of their day is spent with other kids and in supervision of the teachers.
While most of the parents don’t really know how to constructively engage their children during the summer vacations, very few are really proactive to utilize the precious time and book a relevant learning experience for their children.

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