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JL Stream: The current hotspot for online streamers



With over 685 million internet users slated to reach 1 billion by 2025, India has become one of the biggest online content markets. The country has over 448 million social media users, out of which more than 25 thousand influencers have between 1000 to 10 million followers. Today, social media is filled with young influencers with multiple skills and talents.

To assist the growing needs of these young online content creators trying to showcase their various skills, JL Stream— a social LIVE streaming app— offers an excellent platform for streamers to grow their outreach and broadcast their talents while earning instant money.

The app offers a much more interactive platform for the influencers to connect with their fans, but the fans can also send virtual gifts to their favorite streamers. The app has 5 lakh downloads on the Play Store already and is available for both iOS and Android users worldwide, barring China.

Following are a few of the features that make JL Stream the new hotspot for all online content generators:-

  1. Live Video

The app allows for the user to go live in just two clicks. Tap the Go Live option, add your short description and just go live and connect with the entire world.

  1. KISS-Short Intro Video

The app allows you to post a fun and lively introductory video, almost like a video resume, but with vibrant filters and peppy, licensed music. This way, the streamers can get discovered quickly. The viewers, too, can get a prior understanding of the content a particular streamer will broadcast.

  1. Chat and one-on-one video calls

You can connect with your favorite streamers anytime, anywhere for a private chat or one-on-one video calls. You can unlock the chat facility by going to the streamer’s profile, or you can do one-on-one video calls with them.

  1. Earn Instant money

The streamers can grow their outreach by broadcasting exciting and creative content. Their fans can then send virtual gifts or money to support them. The best part about this feature is the instant withdrawal system. The streamers just have to verify their account details, and voila, the user will get money straight away.