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‘Ishq ki daastan- Naagmani’ begins on Dangal TV 



Starting today watch the daily original series 

‘Ishq ki daastan – Naagmani’ at 9:30 PM

‘Ishq ki daastan – Naagmani’, an age-old tale of love with a modern-day twist starts airing on Dangal TV at 9:30 PM. A show full of suspense, suspicion and snakes, it is bound to be a riveting watch. The prime time daily original series will be aired from Monday to Saturday.

Naagmani embodies an immortal love story of two supernatural beings who fall prey to the greed of a witch. It captures a tale of love between the shape-shifting Naag -Naagin and the never-ending greed of the evil witch seeking immortality by acquiring the life-giving jewel possessed by the Naagin. Under her vile shadow, will the wishful/shape-shifting serpents be able to write their great love story… ‘Ishq ki dastan…Naagmani’? A fantasy surrounded by love, desires, greed,  life, and death – this show will leave the viewers wanting for more!

Character Sketch

Aleya Ghosh: PARO (HEROINE) (20 Years Old)

Our Heroine, the Icchadhari Naagin, in human form is the most positive and vulnerable girl, who always seeks happiness and positivity in everything. However, like modern day girls, she knows how to make her way and she has her unique way to stand up for her things.

Aditya Redij: SHANKAR (HERO) (20 Years Old)


Shankar, our Icchadhari Naag, in human and Naag form is a strong-headed, righteous person, who can go to any lengths for his family. He loved his dead Mother a lot, he believes his Father Durjan Singh is responsible for the death of his Mother.

Pavvitra Punia: MOHINI (The Witch) (200 Years Old but showcasing 30 Years Old)


The Chudail/witch is a drop-dead gorgeous woman, who can play with “Minds”, she can hypnotise any person anytime, and can make a person speak or do whatever she wants. We always see a bat around the place wherever she is. In reality, she is very old (almost 200 Years) but is managing to stay young and beautiful like a 30-Year-Old with the daily intake of snake poison. To keep her beauty permanent she needs Naagmani which is hidden somewhere.

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