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‘Horns of Dilemma’ A Book Launch by Mr Ganesh Krishnamurthy



Mr Ganesh Krishnamurthy reaches another milestone in his life at 60 by successfully launching his first book as a writer ‘Horns of Dilemma’. The book currently is available online on renowned websites like Snapdeal & Flipkart. Event at this age his excitement about the book and writing is nothing less than a young starter.

About his first writing, Mr Krishnamurthy says “I feel age is no bar, one should do things as and when they feel like. I gathered  my learning, my experience, few realizations and penned them. Yes at an age when most of the people plan retirement. I am very excited about this book as it would take people closer to the realities of life and i want more and more people to reach there”.


The story revolves around the types of dilemma many people commonly face. People inherently know they should not hurt anyone else – or indeed, themselves. However, many situations leave one little or no choice. Irrespective of the action one chooses to take, the result would be that one or more people – especially people one cares for, including oneself – getting hurt. These are situations where there is no real ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answers.

Life, and their own dilemma, brings the three protagonists to Visalam, who is dying of cancer in a hospice. In her presence, they find resolution of, and the internal strength to deal with, their situations. The three of them, with their partners, Vibhuti and her friend Sridhar are able to share their life stories, their problems and how they plan to resolve them.