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Herman Miller Design Festival REACH Comes to Bangalore



Untitled-1Herman Miller goes on the road with REACH 2016. Traveling to Beijing, Manila, Bangalore and Melbourne. REACH, a Herman Miller Design festival aims to connect the design community in each city and bring together thought leaders to share, learn from each other and celebrate the power of design. Herman Miller has an exciting line up of international and regional designers, speakers and insight leaders presenting at each of the events. This year the focus is on issues that affect businesses on workspace strategy and design.

This event gives one the chance to meet and interact with some of the biggest names in the design and furniture industry. The design festival showcases the design philosophy which went behind developing the different range of products from Herman Miller. Some of the designers presenting in the event are:

• Jack Wang, Head of R+D, POSH Design Lab
• Studio 7.5
• Eames Demetrios , Director ,Eames Office
• Smita Gupta, Director, Gensler, India
• Steve Frykholm , Vice President, Creative Design, Herman Miller
• Richard Stevens , Creative Director, Forpeople

Below mentioned are the Product Highlights

Activity Chair :

Workspaces are changing to support new modes of work. New ways of working are leading us to agile environments that promote collaboration, creativity and productivity. Flexibility helps build self-empowerment – especially when it comes to where you work. Activity is an original design by POSH Design Lab (PDL), featuring a weight-sensitive mechanism that responds to your body automatically and delivers comfort in an instant.

Optimis Desking System :

Optimis celebrates the joy of creating by focusing on simple materials like paper and sheet metal that can be designed to focus highly robust and architectural objects. POSH Design Lab also took their cues from origami techniques, or the Japanese art of folding paper. The end result is a unique desking solution that is highly functional and less impactful on the environment. Optimis is the first desking platform with an open source platform for paper accessories.

T2 :

T2 is a next generation smart desks that embraces the potential of Internet of Things for workspaces. Combining an App driven digital experience with a hardworking desking–T2 elevates the art of stand up work to a new level. T2 moves and moves. As a mobile, height-adjustable workpoint, T2 is highly adaptive and form part of a “hackable” solutions that empowers users to create their own spaces. Combining user centric sensitivity with above desk technology manager with a completely concealed cable management–T2 is unlike any other desk made.

Exclave :

Group spaces that encourage engagement and productivity are more important than ever, yet our research shows that up to two-thirds are avoided. Exclave is designed to remove the frictions that inhibit engagement and productivity. A broad range of applications that include mobile accessories like white boards, pin boards, technology and video conferencing support that hang up on modular rails and a range of unique shape standing and seating height desks
–Exclave brings higher performance to collaboration and enhances creativity thinking.


Based on the belief that the more people connect, the better they work, Public transforms every part of the office—including individual desks—into places for collaboration. Public can be used to create settings to support casual work and to provide comfort at the desk, in circulation spaces, and in group areas—all within a consistent design vocabulary.

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