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Healthy India – Telebrands India launches ‘The sculptor’ home gym



IMG_1459(1)Indians are willing to pay for looking good, eating right and feeling good . This is the reason behind the growth of the fitness industry. As the fitness & wellness industry is growing to meet the lifestyle of the Indians, Telebrands India has launched its latest fitness equipment for the Indian market called “The Sculptor”.

Proper fitness plan with a nutritious diet leads to a solid strong and toned body . Fitness is no more a big city news it has spread beyond the cities.Fitness is considered to be the lone solution for so many psychological and physiological problems that medical intervention can be minimized by just hitting the gym alone.

The Sculptor is a perfect combination of four effective fitness move leg press, row, squats, and crunches. Its high quality rubber ensures smooth movement . To support your body weight there is a footrest and a hand rest.

The Sculptor is designed on the concept of body resistance method. The Sculptor’s riding motion helps to activate all major muscles like calves, hamstrings, hips, gluts, tights, entire core, wings, arms, shoulders and back and even your wrist. It doesn’t put any pressure on any single muscle that means no back or knee pain.

The sculptor allows you to go below parallel, that helps to activate all major muscles in just one stroke such as calves, hamstrings, back, triceps, shoulders, triceps, chest, wings, and your entire core muscles. The sculptor is the only equipment that helps to loose weight with inches after a complete workout from head to toe. You can train your biceps and triceps by changing the grips.

The sculptor comes with a free performance tracker which is useful to keep record of your exercise duration, repetition, and calories brunt. It also has a free resistance band. The resistance band used along with your sculptor will help to get a power packed muscles workout for biceps, triceps, wings, shoulders.

The sculptor is the only equipment that helps to lose weight with inches after a complete workout from head to toe.

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