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2017-07-19-PHOTO-00000092Good , Simple Tax as they like to call the new taxation system in the country – Goods & Services Tax (GST). However, with the advent of the GST regime from 1st of July, lot of confusion and doubts were created among the traders, tax payers and consumers alike. But thanks to Mumbai West Commissionerate and their pro-active approach GST truly has become a ‘Good, Simple Tax’ for  the traders and common consumers of Western Mumbai from Andheri to Goregaon.The Mumbai West Commissionerate opened a help line number for 24*7 access. More than 1000 calls so far attended and queries answered so far in this months. Two designated GST Seva Kendras are also opened in Andheri West and Goregaon office campus. These two Seva Kendras receiving about 120 to 150 visitors daily- answering their queries and handholding the tax payers for an easy transition to the new tax regime.

They have also started ‘Mobile Seva Kendra’ in the form of four designed vehicles which keeps on roaming in various location of West Mumbai. It’s like solving the questions, doubts and confusions of common people and traders at their door steps. Standies in Malls, pamphlet in side news paper also distributed to educate common people about GST.  A facebook page and a Twitter account of the office are already operational and are big hit. Social Media users using this page and the email id to connect with the officers and getting their problems solved.

Mr JayshankarUpadhyay, the Nodal Officer of GST Mumbai West, who is a senior IRS officer, said that – GST is altogether a new tax regime, so naturally there will be initial hiccups in the form of queries and confusion among common tax payers and consumers alike. However, we are trying our best to answer all the queries in real time basis, to solve all the problem faced for a smooth transition to the new tax regime. GST is indeed a very significant step towards our country’s  economic development and we are here to make it a truly ‘ Good, Simple Tax’ .