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‘Greatest BuyBack offer’ on water purifiers with Rs. 3000 off on your old purifier



Mumbai, 18th, August 2016: A. O. Smith, a leading global water technology company, has announced the ‘Greatest BuyBack offer’ on its 100% RO purifier variant with a Green touch. Under this offer, users can bring their existing water purifiers and in exchange, buy the A. O. Smith 100% RO water purifier under a discount of Rs. 3000. Customers wouldn’t have to worry about the disposal of their old or existing purifier as A. O. Smith team will assist in collection and disposal of old water purifier in an environment friendly way.

The purifiers collected from the consumers will be sorted and given to companies or entities who have been authorized by the relevant state government to manage and dispose components forming a part of such old water purifiers.

A. O. Smith water purifier is known for its state-of-the-art technology and comes with 7 stage water purification technology. Additionally it comes with MIN-TECH (Mineralizer Technology) wherein the essential minerals are added to pure water. It is powered with double protection comprising of RO + SCMT (Silver Charged Membrane Technology) which ensures safe water. Its patented side stream RO Membrane prolongs membrane life, and comes with 2 years warranty.

It is also India’s first RO system having hot water option with added minerals at two temperature choices. A. O. Smith also has a unique solution to customer’s service request. They will respond to customer request within 1 hour from the time of call registration, provide solution on the same day and are committed to have solution given in first attempt itself. This service program is called as Power of 1

Commenting on the offer, Parag Kulkarni, ‎Managing Director at A. O. Smith India Water Products Pvt. Ltd said “With the ‘Greatest Buyback’ offer, we encourage the use of 100% RO purified water that is safe for drinking. We are glad that the response has been overwhelming so far. It’s a proud moment for A. O. Smith to acknowledge that approximately 40% of our consumers who have availed for this offer and are thus successfully contributed to disposing their old purifier in an environment friendly way. This enunciates the trust and faith that our customers have in the brand.”

Commenting on the offer, A. O. Smith’s Brand Ambassador Vidya Balan said “I think it’s a thoughtful initiative that A. O. Smith has launched with the Greatest BuyBack offer that will help us contribute our bit to the environment. I’m pleased to be associated with a brand that apart from providing 100% RO purified water also actively is concerned about the environment. I think it’s time for each one of us to be responsible towards the nature and make a difference.”

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