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“German Subsidiaries to Benefit From Chancellor Angela Markel’s Visit To India” – Rajesh Chawla, Director, VEKA India



VEKA logoFollowing the recent visit of German Chancellor Angela Merkel to India, VEKA India, a subsidiary of VEKA AG – the world’s second largest manufacturers of windows and doors systems has reiterated its plans to expand in India by introducing new products specific to the Indian market and by expanding its geographic footprint. The US 1.4 Billion company is one of the pioneers of uPVC door and windows systems in India and has recently completed ten years in India.

“The visit of the Chancellor is not only expected to boost trade ties between the two nations but is also expected to help German subsidiaries entrench their businesses in India. Both the leaders were very clear in their communication. While the Indian PM focussed on facilitating ease of doing business in India, removing concerns of investors and driving growth through software, the German Chancellor focused on the fusion of India’s IT expertise and German Engineering. Ms. Merkel also welcomed the fast-track approval agreement signed on Monday. This will ensure that German companies have a single point of contact with the Indian government, and thus avoid the layers of bureaucracy,” says Mr. Rajesh Chawla, Director, VEKA India.

In line with the Indian Prime Minister’s ‘Make in India’ vision, VEKA India will also be looking at boosting its growth by manufacturing the systems domestically at its facility in India in the near future. Currently its 20,000 sq feet facility in Navi Mumbai has a sophisticated display centre as well as German made state-of-the-art testing rig to test windows for water and air tightness and other performance criteria. “The exacting standards and precision engineering that Germany is world renowned for are adopted by us to create uPVC windows and door systems that are suitable for Indian conditions,” added Mr. Chawla. “When VEKA AG entered the Indian market in 2003, the uPVC door and windows market was very rudimentary. We have invested time and efforts in familiarising the Indian market with the benefits of uPVC fenestration and are planning on rapid expansion from here on.”

Between India and Germany, there is good room for expansion despite an annual trade volume of 16 billion Euros and German businesses want to emphasize their contribution in the making of smart industries’ age.

“The overall market size of PVC window profiles in India is about 40,000 tons in an annum. In Germany, VEKA by itself surpasses the figure in less than a month. Today, uPVC is the popular choice for windows and doors in all of Europe and America. Being rigid, durable and recyclable besides being cost-effective, this material is fast replacing the traditional wood or aluminium profiles across the world. With German technology on Indian turf, we intend to back the Make in India ideology with our commitment to quality offerings. With our latest range we hope to extend both choice and innovation to our customers and we are positive our profiles will be the future of window and door installations,” concludes Mr. Chawla.


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