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“Fattack se Furr”, GoodKnight Fast Card offers instant relief to the Warkaris




Good Knight Fast Card carries good reputation due to its incredible speed of repelling troublesome mosquitoes, responsible for Malaria and Dengue. Where other mosquito repellent products take some time, Good Knight Fast Card is pretty fast. The catchy and engaging punch line “Fattack Se Furr” (vanishes instantly) underlines the speed of the result.

GoodKnight Fast Card uses the opportunity for creating a mass brand awareness program by offering an immediate resolution of the problems faced by pilgrims during the Pandharpur Wari. The objective is to resolve the issues with an incredible speed so that it justifies the tagline of the product, i.e. “Fattack Se Furr”.

Pandharpur Wari or pilgrimage to Pandharpur is amongst the most awaited, prestigious religious occasions in Maharashtra. It is a 21 days procession that gets over to Pandharpur on the Ashadhi Ekadashi (11th day of Ashadh month). Since the processions move through entire Maharashtra state and the majority of people, come from the rural areas where mosquito outbreak is a major issue during the monsoon season. Therefore, it makes more sense to create the brand awareness in the Pandharpur Wari.

Since the pilgrimage continues for 21 odd days, the brand awareness program gets sufficient visibility. A specialized First Aid van is designed for maximum visibility during the event. The van is equipped with instant relief and treatment of most commonly occurred ailments during the pilgrimage. The van runs along with the Wari proceedings, and sufficient noise is created to make it as popular as possible.

Since the van offers quick relief to people, people don’t look at it from the brand promotion perspective only. Pilgrims establish an emotional connection between the people who attend their problems.

Since Fast Card is established in the market as one of the fastest mosquito repellents, pilgrims can relate it very well because the First aid treatment offered to them provides immediate relief. The van also educates people about the dangers of mosquito bites and the easy methods of getting rid of mosquito outbreak.

Pandhapur Wari is an event that is equally popular across the geographical and social boundaries in Maharashtra. It is the event of everyone and not restricted to a particular class, caste or cluster of the society. It is one of its kind programs organized during one of the mega events in the state. Using the pilgrimage to establish a brand is a smart move indeed.

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