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Experience ultimate freshness and comfort RuggersTMlaunches polycotton T-shirts enriched with the NeuFreshTM finish



img_1981-mti-newsResil Chemicals, a diversified chemical and performance materials manufacturer, has announced the launch of its intelligent garment technology for textiles- NeuFreshTM

NeuFreshTMis a dual finish that provides freshness with added comfort. This dual finish facilitates the hygiene factor in T-shirts as well as enhanced vaporisation of sweat. NeuFreshTM’sproperties ensure malodour control and quick evaporation of moisture, leaving the wearer fresh, dry, and confident..Now polycotton T-shirtsby RuggersTMare not only comfortable, but also supremely functional, catering to an active lifestyle.


· Long-lasting freshness

· Malodour-control

· Quick sweat evaporation

· Enhanced wearer comfort

· Safe for skin and environment

NeuFreshTM is highly effective on a variety ofarticles, including casual wear, formal wear, active wear, and performance wear.