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Vista Antibac, for car interiors by Resil Chemicals Private Limited





Many people assume that it is safe in their own cars with a lower risk of contamination from germs in comparison to public transport; the truth for many car owners would be shocking. Visibly clean car interiors are not always hygienic. Long hours spent in a dirty car can increase the risk of contracting infections. Steering wheels have NINE TIMES more germs than a public toilet seat. Hand brakes, foot wells and car seats would be a potential breeding ground for bacteria. If you’re one of those who admit to eating and spilling food in the car, bacteria is certainly breeding all over the floors and seats. Isn’t that enough to make you sick?

Vista Car Care from the house of Resil Chemicals Private Limited has come up with a proven solution to this problem. Vista Antibac, an innovative antibacterial cleaner for car interiors removes visible dirt and also protects from invisible germs. This product is powered by a unique pure Silver technology, making it extremely safe for DIY use and also for vehicle owners who rely on help to clean their cars.

Vista Antibac an antimicrobial cleaner for all interior surfaces is safe on upholstery, dashboards, doors, handles, car roofs and other interior surfaces. For those who are passionate about their cars and also seek premium quality products, this is the perfect solution. The ease-of-use and effectiveness of Vista Antibac can be felt within minutes of its application. This new innovation is extremely beneficial in a fast-paced society like ours.

Vista Antibac reduces malodour in cars and keeps interior surfaces fresh and hygienic.

Vista Antibac is available at a price range of Rs 600/- for 600 ml and is available across all leading auto accessories outlets (Pan India)