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discovery+ ‘s latest original ‘Dark Mysteries- Anjaan Kahaniyaan’ to uncover some of the most unexplained paranormal incidents across India!




Mumbai, 11th February 2022: The unknown and the unexplained is one of the most interesting and intriguing genres of stories, catching the attention of not only audiences but also researchers and specialists. Premiering February 11, discovery+ ’s next original ‘Dark Mysteries – Anjaan Kahaniyaan’ will unravel many such fascinating unexplained mysteries.  Based on first-hand accounts of those who claim to have experienced black magic, reincarnations, curses, hauntings, possessions and other supernatural phenomena, the show will reveal myriad tantalizing stories. The series will take you on a thrilling chase across India looking for these mysteries; to see if science can demystify them or if they defy ordinary logic.

This 6-part series will unearth some of the most spine-tingling beliefs across India, diving deep down to their roots. From a paranormal expert hunting ghosts at the abandoned Lambi Dehar mines in Uttarakhand to witnessing live exorcisms of dangerous spirits at Harshu Dham in Chainpur, Bihar often known as the temple of the possessed, to the mystery village of Kuldhara where 1500 residents are said to have left without a trace or the amazing story of children who seem to have clear and sharp memories of previous lifetimes, the series is sure to keep the viewers at the edge of their seats.

Each episode will focus on exploring the phenomena through first-hand experiences and locals’ views, relevant expert opinions including psychologists, parapsychologists, historians, psychics and paranormal analysts to explore if there is any plausible ‘truth’ to these often-unnerving stories.

“Paranormal and supernatural as a genre have been often enjoyed by viewers across the country and our latest original production ‘Dark Mysteries’ supported with expert opinions will give them more insights to understand the context and working of these occurrences. The show is an amalgamation of entertainment and science, thereby adding onto our repertoire of compelling and spellbinding stories for the audience”, said Sai Abishek, Original Content Head- South Asia, Discovery Inc.

Are these incidents powered by superstition, blind faith or is there some way to explain these bizarre accounts? Can science account for occurrences or are they way beyond human comprehension? ‘Dark Mysteries- Anjaan Kahaniyaan’ will take you down the path of  many such shocking and mind-boggling chronicles from 11th February onwards only on discovery+.