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Come May, indulge into these tasty little somethings at Puranmal



Tomato Shorba-1Mumbai 2nd May 2017: Petite Bites, as the name suggests is small bite sized servings. Puranmal, the original Mithaiwala since 1924 specialized in Chaat & Desserts predominantly, has revamped its menu with “Petite Bites”, which is a new menu for the food lovers to enjoy variety of food in one meal through small servings.

“Petite Bites” range comes in three extensive ways which includes, ‘Chaat the Healthy Way’ which has dishes like Whole Wheat Pasta Chaat, Skinny Bell Pepper Tacos, Rainbow Salsa etc. The ‘Cheat Day Chaat’ has Zucchini Chatpat Pizza, Kalmi Sticks, Sam Wontons, etc. And to offer a totally modern take on the Kids Menu, it has Rolled up Sandwiches, Chatpatte Bruschetta, Gulab Jamun Cheese Cake among others.

Ms. Deepa Surekha, Managing Director, Puranmal Foods India Pvt. Ltd shares, “Since everything will be in bite sized portions, you can actually have a Marathon Tasting Session. From Cone Chaat to Corn Oat Bhel to Ras Malai Mousse, this revolutionary range of little something’s holds true to the saying Variety is the spice of life. The idea is to promote the concept of small servings, extensive variety and get real taste of India”.

“Petite Bites” is a fusion menu be it Mexican chaat like Zuccini Boat, or Italian influenced Pesto Ragda Pattice, the dishes on the menu may have international ingredients, but Essence of Indian chaat will never go and Indian tastes will find it familiar”, shares Ms. Deepa Surekha, Managing Director, Puranmal Foods India Pvt. Ltd She further adds, “Our efficient R & D team has come up with umpteen number signature dishes in the bite- sized fusion menu like Mini Burgers, Martini Palak Chaat, Iceberg Channa Chaat, etc”.

“Petite Bites” is also available in Puranmal Outlets in Mumbai as a 6 course Tasting menu which includes, Strawberry Mojito, Tomato Shorba, Tom Yum Soup, Palak Chaat, Wada Cups, Pesto Ragda Pattice, Wonton Samosa, Aloo Corn Tikki, Gulab Jamun Rabdi Shots, and more at 799/-.

The Petite Bites menu will be launched on 20th May 2017 at Puranmal Juhu. Also Available Online at