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Body Care – An App For Preventive Cure On iOS & Android



Care World logoCare World TV – the first and largest healthcare satellite channel in Asia has announced the launch of its wellness mobile app ‘Body Care’. The app will give users access to unlimited videos on various wellness aspects ranging from beauty to diet, fitness to sex and yoga to astrology. Besides this, the app incorporates a personalised interactive feature that allows users to direct queries to Subject Matter Experts (SME)s and doctors to receive one-on-one consultation. The app interface is user-friendly and is available on both iOS and Android platforms. The app has been built with the dual intent of accessibility and privacy.

“The health and wellness industry in India is embarking upon a new era of preventive wellness, as against curative wellness. Taking cue of the trend, we at Care World have yet again taken the lead in making available the resources into people’s hands, quite literally,” says Mr. Ajit Gupta, Managing Director, Care World TV. “With an inventory of over thirty thousand videos covering all aspects of wellness, delivered by experts from around the world, the app is a complete knowledge bank and guide on the subject for anyone who has a smart phone. The content is dynamically updated and will stream around two hundred videos per day in all different categories,” he adds.

In the last seven years of its existence, Care World TV as a medium has contributed much to the development and progress of this industry. Bridging the gap between the functionary and the beneficiary, Care World TV today is the epitome of health and wellness.

“Data suggests that online users in India, not just urban but also rural, access internet on their phones more than on other devices. Considering this, we wanted to reach out to a larger audience and an app works as the ideal solution. All video content on Body Care is HD quality and despite being in HD, one will not experience any buffering in the streaming. Each video clip may range between three and ten minutes with information that is clear, concise and comprehensive,” says Mr. Ashok Singh, Creative Head, Care World TV.

Today, contemporary media is omnipresent and becoming available on mobile apps has been the latest addition. However barring popular media, there are very few channels that air niche content which have taken lead in launching a mobile app. In the health and wellness domain, Care World TV has become the first to do so and has already gained tremendous response for its mobile app – Body Care.

“Over the last one decade, the health and wellness industry has come a long way in educating and familiarizing Indian audiences with the concept of wellness. We are proud to have played the role of torch bearers and pioneered the concept of wellness, ahead of its time. Today, we are happy that new players are joining the fraternity and are planning on launching wellness channels. This only indicates that the industry has evolved and is ready to move into the next phase of its growth. So, the launch of our wellness app comes at a great time and we are positive that it will create a new benchmark and which will be followed by many,” concludes Mr. Gupta.

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