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OSIM introduces the uRelax



uRelaxOSIM India launches uRelax, which helps you transform your chair into a massage chair instantly to get that soothing massage anytime and anywhere. Light and portable, theuRelax is a massage cushion that fits easily onto most chairs. Now you can enjoy a relaxing back massage even on the way back from a tiring day at work or on long drives by simply fixing the uRelax cushion to the car seat to enjoy a warm and relaxing massage.

In today’s world where time is scarce, the OSIM uRelax is light and portable, making it convenient for you to take it anywhere and use it at home or while traveling back from a tiring day at the office for a pampering back massage. Escape everyday stress and be welcomed to a new world of relaxation even on the run.

The OSIM uRelax is equipped with a host of options to meet your desired massage needs. The uRelax uses 3 massage modes, Shiatsu, Swing & Rolling to provide soothing relief for your back. The Shaitsu Massage rollers move in wide circles to simulate the kneading action of a masseuse’s hands for deep tissue relief. The Swing Massage rollers move in a continuous swivel motion to ease away aches and stiffness. The Rolling Massage glides steadily along the curves of your back. You can combine it with a full back, upper back or lower back massage that’s just right for you. The spot massage feature allows you to customize your massage to target a particular area of your back during Shiatsu or Swing massage modes.

The soothing warmth on the back melts away tension to alleviate aches, relaxes sore muscles and improves blood circulation. The relaxing vibration on the seat helps to ease tension and fatigue in the lower body after a long day at work.

For Optimal benefit, each massage session is programmed to run for 15 minutes with an easy to use remote control. Now you can enjoy a relaxing back massage anytime, anywhere at your convenience.

The OSIM uRelax is priced at Rs 17000/- in Maharashtra and Rs. 16000/- across other states in India.

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