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Back bone of Photographers and Videographers . Dinesh Vora



In a candid conversation, our editor in chief Mr. Riyaz Ahmed speaks with Mr. Dinesh Vora Founder of Pratima Arts and Ex-Vice President of Mumbai Photographers Association a self-made man who has not only made a career for himself but has also made careers of many persons in the fascinating field of Photography. Pratima Arts is a photography & Videography equipment rental company that has the largest range of camera equipment, best lenses, best rigs, best audio equipment, best lights, and the best accessories and deals in Webcasting, line production services, and a video production house that also provides Live streaming services. Pratima Arts started with a small team in Goregaon, Mumbai. Today they have trained creative professionals including trained attendants who are dedicated to providing the best and hassle-free services for all your renting needs. The Team of employees, experienced photo and video technicians, and the best customer service representatives in the industry makes them the best available option. Pratima has a tie-up with various vendors in pan India and offers video production and camera rental services across the country. When someone looks to rent a camera in Mumbai, then the first company they turn to is Pratima Arts. Mr. Vora’s more than 3 decades of experience, in the equipment rental, and video production industry, make him anticipate and understand the client’s requirements. Pratima Arts support many photographers, line producers, documentary producers, wedding filmmakers, short filmmakers, web film producers, training films, ad film production houses, digital film producers, feature films, and many more. Pratima Arts take pride in the fact that they are innovators and have created many firsts for the photography industry. Pratima Arts . is well known for dedication and Commitment toward services to customers across Mumbai and also provides in-person pickups and returns to the customers.

I was just 18 when I got into the fascinating world of photography. The year was 1983 and I had completed my 12th standard and had purchased a VCR, I was working as a light man then.

I got a break when I joined Ramesh Dawda who is also my guru, I was working on slide films and the year was 1983, when film rolls were a norm and we had to work really hard, it used to take days to just see the result of the shoot.

In 1985 I completed my graduation and I purchased my own camera Yashika FX-7 and took up a job in Photography. During this period I honed my skills and I had become an entrepreneur Photographer. During the years 1986-87, I got an opportunity to work under Monarch.

I had one major skill and that was my curiosity and ability to learn new technology, this helped me in changing myself with the times. In 1988 I moved on from photography to Video Shooting to live mixer set up an E-5 MX-10/12 and then to CCTV etc. In 1991 I Started my production house Pratima Arts.’

Over the years from 1997 till today I have made investments in technology like Pinnacle System, Twister, Professional TV Monitors, Projectors, Jimmy jip, LED Screens, Flower dropping helicopter (petrol fuel) Raptor R-90, Optical Screen, Drone (phantom), LED Standy, Wireless, Black Magic, Wireless TalkBack, Live streaming, etc, basically upgrading myself and my equipment to keep up with the fast-changing technology and market requirement.

Today I can do live shooting and stream it to any platform like Facebook, YouTube, Google meets, Zoom, etc. We have a clear understanding of the requirement of the digital medium like what input is and output is required and accordingly, we decide on the type of camera, the compression ratio, and the bit rate for streaming depending on the availability of bandwidth and also using mixers we are able to give an excellent presentation.

I even do wedding photography and have evolved from a regular shoot to a film story. I believe that deep inside every person is a child at heart and has some dreams. We speak to the Bride and Groom and listen to their aspirations and then create a story and do the shoot accordingly. We try to make a movie that fulfills their dreams.

We also have the latest 360 Video booth purchased in 2022. It is the center of attraction at any party and from children, to elderly people all come together and get their videos made and enjoy every moment during the shoot and treasure it for many years and relive their moments of joy.

A wedding shoot package costs anything from 65000/- to 800000/- depending on many factors.

I have supported many young people in making a career in photography and today they are earning well. This is a very interesting field and much better than many other careers.

There are challenges in all fields including this Photography, and it is those four months of the rainy season when business is low. However, I use this to my advantage, Complete all my pending issues, I learn new technologies and software and this helps me sharpen my skills.

Today Social Media has a great impact on the lives of all as well as businesses and we all photographers have an opportunity to use our photography skills to photograph products as well as food, clothes, models, cars, bikes, buildings and the list is endless.

Finally a word of advice for all youngsters interested in Photography and related field, ‘Follow your passion, work for excellence and not money, and money and success will be yours.’

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