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Actress Tara Sharma and Industrialist & Philanthropist Aneel Murarka to celebrate Riddhi and Siddhi Pawar’s birthday- Conjoined twins



4. Tara Sharma &  Aneel Murarka Celebrating Conjoined twins  Riddhi Siddhi's Birthday at Wadia Hospital   DSC_1782

Today, after having brought in some heavy changes in the social thread of the society, no prizes for guessing who tops the list for his philanthropic gestures. The man who has been a silent doer and a game changer for social atrocities prevailing in the society is Industrialist and Philanthropist Aneel Murarka.

Aneel Murarka and actress Tara Sharma’s names are synonyms to philanthropy, generosity and kindness and yet again they exhibit their philanthropic side by celebrating Riddhi and Siddhi Pawar’s birthday- Conjoined Twins.

The hospital had a theme with exotic décor especially for the cute lads. With customized cakes being in rage, Aneel Murarka and Tara Sharma got Riddhi and Siddhi Pawar’s birthday cake customized.

Industrialist and Philanthropist Aneel Murarka mentions “These girls are God’s children. They are actually miracle babies. And thinking that they are anything less on talent is a misconception. They are absolutely talented. I am not here to extend my help; my presence is purely for the reason because I wanted to be a part of the celebration and leave no stone unturned to make the day special for them”.

Actress and Social worker Tara SharmaLike we do everything possible to make birthdays special for ourselves and our children, we have taken same effort to make their birthday special”

Riddhi and Siddhi Pawar were delivered at their home in a remote village called Olawa near Panvel last year with the help of their grandmother, a mid-wife, who has assisted in deliveries of over 20 women in the vicinity. They were attached from waist-down with a fused uterus and