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Abbott Launches New PediaSure in India – Latest Innovation to Support Catch-Up Growth and Unlock Growth Potential in Children



  • PediaSure, a complete and balanced nutrition solution with 37 growth nutrients, is scientifically tested to help improve immunity and bring visible growth to children in 90 days[i].
  • The new PediaSure is enhanced with arginine and natural vitamin K2, two important nutrients to help further support catch-up growth.

MUMBAI, India September 14, 2021— Childhood is a time of rapid growth, and a time that’s critical for children to get the right nutrition. Abbott announced the launch of its innovative childhood nutrition solution, the new PediaSure with arginine and natural vitamin K2 to support children’s growth and development through proper nutrition.

Poor nutrition in children is common globally and may result in both short- and long-term negative health outcomes. Undernutrition can take on many forms including underweight (low weight-for-age), wasting (low weight-for-height), stunting (low height-for-age), and micronutrient deficiencies.

The lack of a sufficient, varied, and nutritious diet can affect the cognitive development of a child, interfere with learning, and weaken their immune system. The consequence is largely irreversible if not corrected during early years of life. While genetics determine the potential for bone lengthening, environmental factors, especially nutrition, help children reach their full height potential regardless of geographic or cultural differences.

PediaSure’s new formulation will help children have longer and stronger bones

Backed by strong science, with over 20 clinical studies and more than 30 years of research, PediaSure has proven to be a formula that provides complete and balanced nutrition, including 37 essential nutrients needed for growth in children. The scientifically tested benefits of PediaSure promote adequate growth and, together with the consumption of a varied diet, a better nutritional status associated with fewer sick days and increased physical activity in children. The new formulation with arginine and natural vitamin K2 will further support bone growth and promote catch-up growth in early childhood.

“Arginine is an important amino acid that plays a key role in growth by promoting the multiplication of cells in the growth plate of the bones to help them grow faster when there is a delay in growth,” said Dr. Irfan Sheikh Head Pediatric Nutrition, Scientific & Medical Affairs, Abbott’s nutrition business in India.  “Natural vitamin K2 helps to transport and absorb calcium in the bones and ultimately helps build stronger bones. Abbott’s new PediaSure with these two nutrients is scientifically designed to help bones grow longer and stronger to further support catch-up growth.”

You can find new PediaSure in your favorite supermarket, pharmacy and ecommerce websites. It is available in premium chocolate, vanilla delight and kesar-badam flavours.