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A Man on a mission to produce maximum numbers of video editors in the country.



Master Dinesh Thorecha Founder of SKC Photography and Ex-Vice President of MPA  (Mumbai Photographers Association) a self-made man who is now making the careers of many upcoming video editors.
Master Thorecha is a professional Cinematographer, Photographer &  Wedding Film Editor and he is also editing Corporate Film Videos, Video Albums, and many more He is a multitalented man and very famous for doing Live Editing For Weddings &  Events and is now training others in the fine art of video editing.

Master Dinesh started photography in 1991 with a Zenith camera and he started taking photos, He tinkered with the camera and understood exposure, lenses, aperture, lighting, close-ups, long shots, etc. in those days all photography was done on film and it was not only expensive but also the development of the film and photos took time. He used to travel to many villages and towns to do photography, He would leave at 7 am and worked hard, then he got an assignment with the support of Kishore Studio Nimach (MP) to work for CRPF where he used to leave at 6 am and travel at 8 kilometers and return in the evening doing photography.

He has specialized in Photography, Videography, Editing, and Color Grading and now training students in editing. He saw the opportunity in training for Editing when MPA  & MPG organized a free workshop and the sessions use to get house full. He got motivated to give such free workshops from then on and even held webinars during the lockdown. He has done special workshops for MPA & MPG for about 5 years and trained about 30 to 40 students at a time. Overall, He has trained over 5000 students. According to Mr. Thorecha, ”  Actually, Editing is not difficult, anyone can learn editing if he has basic computer knowledge and interest in video editing”.He Further added  “Currently, there is a lot of demand for editors and photographers are finding it difficult to find editors to finish their projects. There is a  massive boom in making content for YouTube, Web series, short films, and even weddings that need a video that tells a ‘movie-like’ story”.

He started giving training for editing because it is very important for every shoot like weddings, birthdays or even a small shoot and photographers were dependent on editors and because of delay there would be payment issues between photographers and clients and he wanted to solve this issue so that all photographers also become editors.

He has been holding editing workshops in various parts of the states such as Sangli, Satara, Islampur, and Pune, and very soon will be holding editing workshops in various parts of the country. He trains students on various editing software like EDIUS (Grass Valley), Adobe Premiere, FCP, and even Da Vinci from Black Magic for color grading, etc. He has two types of workshops, one is for 10 days two hours daily with practice at home, and fees are 7000/- and the other is for one month where He trains the student and also puts him on his live project and fees are 15000/-.

Dinesh teaches good video editing tricks to the students but the news of his talent reached far and wide. Soon his teaching started to earn him accolades and he became a recognized name in the photography industry. To spread his love and passion for Video Editing, and to provide excellent teaching and the right amount of encouragement to like-minded teaching enthusiasts, he established one of the Renowned names in this field with his young and energetic team. Dinesh is a master storyteller who uses a camera and video editing set up to tell a story, and He is the right kind of man for a special occasion like a wedding. He has been clicking pictures not just for weddings but also for all pre-wedding rituals and functions including engagement, bachelor/bachelorette party, etc. It is his ability to shoot beautiful videos that make him the best wedding video storyteller. Whether the marriage is at a home or wedding venue; he works in association with the wedding organizer, caterer, and facility manager.

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