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A Heartfelt Gift for Your Partner this Valentine’s Day



icon 1 (002)Valentine’s Day is synonymous with promises, commitment and a pledge to love and cherish our special other half. We celebrate this day by showing our love and affection for our partner and by renewing our commitment to one another. Some of the most common ways to express our feelings and emotions are the usual gifts such as chocolates, flowers, jewelry and even romantic vacations. But all these options are short lived and don’t have much bearing on the relationship after the day has gone by.

How about celebrating this Valentine’s Day in a special new way – a way that captures the true essence of this beautiful day? A simple gesture that says I value our relationship and commit to securing our future together. This is exactly what the Aviva Heart Care insurance cover does. It is a health insurance plan with a difference – 1 plan that covers 2 hearts. As the only health insurance plan dedicated to securing the hearts of couples in India, Aviva Heart Care covers both you and your spouse under one plan. The plan insures the policy holder and the spouse in the same policy at a nominal extra premium. This is what makes this health insurance plan so special!

As a company we are committed to helping people lead a healthy life. We want to encourage you to achieve your healthy heart goals by making health a priority for yourself and your spouse. And with the right planning and cover, you can have a positive impact on your family and secure your financial future.

A heart care insurance plan is essential because all statistics show that India is fast becoming the heart disease capital of the world. Research shows that nearly 50% of cardiovascular related deaths are likely to occur in individuals between 30-69 years of age. Moreover, the treatment for heart care diseases is increasing every year. In fact, the cost of heart treatment increased by 52.5% annually between 2007-08 and 2009-10 in terms of the average amount claimed from health insurers. Another vital point is that the complete treatment plan for heart conditions includes the operative costs, hospital stay, medicines, post operative care, and the recovery period during which you may not be able to get back to work. And your existing mediclaim or critical illness policy will not cover most of these as they are neither comprehensive nor dedicated to heart ailments. All these factors, along with the distress faced by your loved ones, becomes the main reason for you to make a commitment to yourself and your spouse this year.

The plan provides coverage against 19 mild, moderate and severe cardiovascular conditions and procedures. It has a lump-sum pay-out irrespective of the cost of the treatment. The policy has also options to restore policy benefits once the basic sum assured is exhausted for severe category conditions.

Today, most of us strive towards a better, healthier and fitter lifestyle. But what’s lacking is financial preparedness for serious medical emergencies, such as cardiac related diseases which can burn a large hole in your pocket. So, this Valentine’s Day express your longstanding commitment to your loved ones with Aviva Heart Care. After all, health insurance is love insurance!

Article authored by Anjali Malhotra