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WheelsEye Launches National Truck Maintenance and Repairs Support Programme



●        Launches truck maintenance/repair support programme for Indian truckers

●        Onboards 500+ repair partners and 2000+ mechanics pan-India to deliver emergency roadside assistance

●        Connects truck drivers with the right service providers as per the requirement

●        Offers service in 8 regional languages

●        The programme is currently resolving an average of 100 cases per day

 Mumbai, 16th June 2020: Vikas Kumar had to deliver an urgent consignment of vegetables to Gujarat by May 16, 2020. A day before the scheduled delivery, while en route to the destination, two tyres of his truck burst around 4:00 PM at a fairly isolated location in Satara.

 Vikas could neither find a functional repair shack nearby nor a conveyance due to the pandemic-led lockdown. The reason why he was trying quite hard to find some help was that he had two pressing issues in front of him. First, the perishable goods had a strict timeline, missing which would lead to a penalty. Second, at that location, finding a single tyre would’ve been intensely difficult even if he paid a higher markup. He now had to find two tyres of the same kind. But, his efforts didn’t go in vain as he got to know about the one-of-its-kind service by WheelsEye and raised a request with them at 5:29 PM.

 Within 10 minutes of lodging a complaint, Vikas received a reply from WheelsEye seeking further details about his current location. After understanding the requirement, the company had connected him to the Kolhapur CEAT tyres stock point by 5:45 PM.


With a predefined negotiated price of WheelsEye, a deal for two tyres was closed with CEAT Kolhapur. By 6:40 PM, the tyres were ready to be shipped from a local CEAT dealer in Satara District and reached the said location of Vikas within two hours of raising the ticket.


Vikas was able to successfully deliver the shipment on time. He appreciated the work put in by WheelsEye and promised to be a keen customer in future. He left an encouraging message for the WheelsEye, “Aap hamare sache saathi ho (you are a trusted companion).”


The story is the same for many truck drivers and fleet owners who were recently stranded in an unfamiliar region during the lockdown. Though the lockdown restrictions are now being eased, finding everything from repair shops to a service centre that possesses the required spare part could be difficult. Well, not anymore. The initiative Truck Maintenance and Repair Support Programme by WheelsEye aims to solve this challenge via a singular touchpoint. Besides, the platform has tied up with more than 500 repair shops, over 2000 mechanics, and is currently operating in 15 states resolving almost 100+ cases every day. WheelsEye is scaling up the programme extensively across India and adding thousands of resources in their network of repair shops and personnel. This is being done to cater to increased demand from all states including Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Haryana, Karnataka, Odisha, and many more.


The programme helps truckers and operators reach out to the right mechanic, dealer or the repair shop which is capable of resolving their issues viz. minor engine overhaul, leaf spring (Patti) repair and replacement, axle/ crown overhaul, gearbox repair, brake repair, tyre replacement (on-location delivery), battery replacement, minor electrical issues (alternator/starter/fuse/lights), and crane service. A pre-negotiated price for spare parts and services availed ensures that the customers get a fair deal under all circumstances. WheelsEye also tries to ensure timely delivery of the service or spare parts by coordinating with the service provider.


Mr Sonesh Jain, spokesperson of WheelsEye said, “It is very normal for the fleet owners and truck drivers to encounter repair issues during their journeys. However, the situation has taken an unfavourable turn since the COVID-19 outbreak. Because many repair centres have been closed, the challenge for truckers has increased manifold. With this initiative, we wish to empower all stakeholders with superior service visibility that will, ultimately, help them with the on-time delivery of their consignments. It will connect the solution-seeker with the right service provider who is capable of handling the issue. The response has been very positive so far and will only improve as the lockdowns gradually ease in our country.”


Truckers can reach out WheelsEye by calling on +919354933692 through their mobiles.