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Akbar Sami at his album launch Kabhi Kabhi~The Remix King Wooed His Fans with Infectious Love Tracks @ Club Vortex~

Mumbai, 14th February 2018: Located at one of the most popular places in Mumbai, VORTEX Bandra with a unique concept of all in one space, “Vortex The Fusion Barthe diner cum lounge bar”, “Club Vortexfor all the hard-core party animals”, and “Alfresco @ Vortex, the rooftop dining space” hosted the most happening Launch Party for legendary DJ Akbar Sami’s new album“Kabhi Kabhi”.

Known for putting fun and freshness back into music, AKBAR SAMI is a globally-renowned DJ/Music Producer/Music Director. He is the first original Indian DJ, to have successfully produced official Bollywood remixes, and is popularly known as “The Remix King”, Sami represents India, and Indian Music, all over the world. But most of all, he’s an artist dedicated to music who captivated the audiences at Vortex, Bandra on Wednesday 14th February 2018.

 The recently launched, all in one space, Vortex, Bandra- Diner-Lounge-Club is fast becoming one of the most happening places in Mumbai. With an incredible star-studded artist line-up and performances, Club Vortex is shaping up to be the most go-to premium club space in Mumbai.

 DJ AKBAR SAMI WITH Mr. Santosh Shetty_Founder of Brand VORTEXSpeaking at the event, Mr. Santosh Shetty, Founder of Brand Vortex, “This Valentine’s Day, Club Vortex hosted one of the finest performances by the talented Akbar Sami. We are thrilled by the outstanding response we have received during this special occasion and we hope to host many such interesting gigs featuring the various talented artists out there.”

Overwhelmed to perform at VORTEX BANDRA and launching his new albumAKBAR SAMI shares, “I had an amazing time and it was a great experience to perform amidst such a wonderful crowd at VORTEX BANDRA. The response from people was wonderful, I hope that people keep loving me and like my new album KABHI KABHI.”

Recently, the ultra-glamorous Vortex hosted the breath-taking and the much awaited EVC After Party that witnessed multiple EDM superstars such as Ruben de Ronde, RodG among others on the Electronic Family Stage at Vortex, Bandra.

The previous incredible line-up of international EDM artists at Vortex includes Lost Stories, Joseph Ashworth, adding to the portfolio of gigs other popular talented artists includes names such asShameless Mani, DJ Ali Merchant, Jay Weather, DJ Nelson, DJ Maddoc, DJ Shubz, DJ Kumar Swamy, DJ Gavin, DJ Anuj and DJ Dolly Sinha, DJ Ada, DJ Sandy, DJ Almost Famous, DJ Omen, DJ Gidda among others. Additionally, Club Vortex has also hosted spectacular live gigs featuring the talented musician Tansane + Varsh Jain, Burudu and Rynosax Quartet.


Specially designed by the parametric consultants to resemble a Starship, Club Vortex is a treat for all the party enthusiasts. With an area of 3500 sq.ft., Club Vortex is a designated premium club space with an excellent sound system (the Martin Audio from U.K.) and a top-notch lighting designed using MADRIX software straight from Germany.

The Launch Party was high on glitz and glamour quotient with incredible music and top-notch celebrities. The mesmerizing events and gigs at Vortex are curated and programmed by Raveena Rai & team from Vortex Bandra.

This 2018, the artist line-up at Club Vortex is getting bigger than ever with a mesmerising artist performances and special guests and most talented DJ’s from all over the world.