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VistaPrint’s latest ad campaign, Mera Naam Meri Shaan (My Name My Pride) makes you chuckle and leaves with you a warm smile




The ad highlights how people can feel proud with what they have created

Mumbai, 28th April, 2022: Striking a chord with small business owners and customers, VistaPrint India, a leading online customization company, has launched an ad campaign, ‘Mera Naam, Meri Shaan’ (My Name My Pride) to help strengthen the business-customer relationship.

Made to help people associate themselves profoundly with what they have created, VistaPrint’s ad campaign builds on customization’s emotional benefit – pride. The 40-second advertisement shows several small business owners interacting with their customers and going about their daily lives, all of whom feel proud and a lot more confident once they see their product/merchandise packaging carrying their name or their company’s name. With this ad campaign, VistaPrint intends to bring out the pride that individuals feel when something is connected to their names, which is deeply tied to their sense of self.

Bharath Sastry, CEO of VistaPrint India, said, “When a small business is appreciated by its customers, when an owner has created a legacy, when an entrepreneur is just starting up full of hope, when any individual just wants to create and display an identity, there is a sense of pride. We are attempting to celebrate this emotion”

“Besides monetary benefits, for an entrepreneur or an owner an important outcome of running a business is establishing their identity and the respect that comes from doing so. The film we have created aims to capture this feeling that Vistaprint understands very well and provides services that bring it alive” added Abhijit Avasthi, an advertising veteran and Founder of Sideways Consulting, who has created the ad.

VistaPrint has maintained an impressive focus on building its brand resulting in the company establishing itself as a significant market leader in the e-commerce customization space in India. A pioneer in online customization, VistaPrint provides its customers with a wide selection of high-quality, customizable products at affordable pricing. VistaPrint’s video advertisement will be promoted on digital mediums like YouTube, Facebook and various OTT platforms, to start with.

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