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Virtual school solution powered by Next Education’s Learning Platform is the key to continuous learning amid COVID-19



The end-to-end K-12 education solutions provider steps forward to ensure uninterrupted learning and seamless academic operations through Next Learning Platform

1st April, 2020: With the increase in COVID-19 cases throughout India, the Government has imposed a total lockdown across India. As a result, disruption to the education industry has been unprecedented with school closures, suspended academic operations and inadequacy of platform to conduct online classes. Considering this situation, Next Education India Pvt. Ltd., India’s leading education solutions provider, has stepped forward to help schools with the transition from offline to online academics operations through the ‘Next Learning Platform’, a school-in-a-box solution/an integrated solution to facilitate remote learning and academic operations without any hindrance.

Next Education strives to make academic operations and the K–12 learning environment more interactive, creative and engaging by offering its integrated learning platform, Next Learning Platform, comprising NextERP, NextLMS including Live Lectures, NextAssessment, content access at home and leading state boards’ content in vernacular and different languages.

In the wake of COVID-19 and to ensure that academic operations don’t get hampered, Next Education is offering a free subscription of Next Learning Platform to its partner schools till April 30, 2020.

With an emphasis on providing continuous learning and seamless academic operations, it is necessary for educational institutions in the country to adopt online learning solutions. Next Learning Platform offers NextERP for managing school operations and communications, NextLMS to empower teachers to create lesson plans, assign and track homework and conduct live lectures. Through live lectures, teachers create a virtual classroom via the internet to facilitate long-distance learning. Students can revisit the recorded sessions as many times they want and also receive real-time notifications about the sessions. Teachers can also conduct live online doubt sessions. NextAssessment is a powerful tool that allows teachers to create assessments using the automatic assessment generator, assign adaptive tests and give personalised feedback to students. Our award-winning digital content is aligned with NextCurriculum and TeachNext content. The digital content is available across ICSE, CBSE, IGCSE and 29 state boards in 7 different languages.

Speaking on how to overcome the disruption in education, Mr. Beas DevRalhan, CEO and Co-Founder, Next Education said, “Through Next Learning Platform, our mission is to enable schools to take a step forward in the right direction so that their academic operations are not hampered amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Our ‘school-in-a-box’ platform allows schools to run a virtual school through various tools like NextERP, NextLMS, live lectures, online classes and more.” Mr. Ralhan further added, “With an emphasis on ensuring providing uninterrupted academic operations, it is all the more necessary for educational institutions in the country to adopt online learning platforms. Live Lecture replicates the actual classroom environment, thereby instilling enthusiasm and interest among students to learn and attend the classes regularly.”

IshitaChoudhary, Principal of Pawar Public School in Dombiwali says, “In this time of crisis, our teachers are preparing and sharing worksheets and lessons through a digital platform. Online classes and free content access at home by Next Education will ensure continuity of education. Digital learning tools have to go hand-in-hand with classroom learning.”

Schools across India have adopted the Next Learning Platform to ensure the safety of their students as well as educators amid the COVID-19 pandemic, thereby ensuring a seamless transition from offline to online academic operations.