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Vintage feast greets Mumbai citizens on Sunday morning



Mumbai February 11: A majestic display of classic vehicles, were seen driving through the streets of the city during the ‘Motul VCCCI Vintage Car Fiesta’, which was flagged from the Gothic Horiman Circle, early on Sunday morning. The Fiesta culminated at the Sofitel Hotel at the Bandra Kurla Complex.

Vintage Car1The citizens of Mumbai who had lined the route were not disappointed and instead watched in amazement the grand old beauties gracefully move in a cavalcade during from Horniman Circle to Bandra.

Leading the pack was, Abbas Y. Jasdanwalla with his 1903 Humberette, was the oldest car to hit the roads along with his Citroen Type ‘A’. His participation won the award for the ‘Oldest car’. Nitin Dossa who has 50 vintage cars in his stable was seating proud in his Rolls Royce 1938 Wraith which was the toast of the town along with his other beauties that took to the road.

Amal Tanna with his1920 Packard Twin Six stood a class apart while Viven and Zita Goenka were the toast of the Fiesta with their striking 1936 Cord 810 among their 15 vintage possessions in the rally.

There were 220 participants driving from Horiman Circle to Sofitel, BKC via Marine Drive and then took the Bandra-Worli Sea Link which was a show-stopper for the shutterbugs.

Nishant Dossa, son of VCCCI President, Nitin, was behind the wheels of an Alvis Sports Tourer of 1936 while Jagdish Thackersey was out in his majestic Bentley of 1947. Justice Sam Variyava with rallyist Homi Commissariat and Gautam Ashra were in a 1937 Mercedes.

Commisariat speaking proudly of his Chrysler Windsor 1947, said, “This beauty is with me since 1947. I always had a love for cars, so I bought this one. I have roamed many places in the country with it. It depends how you treat your car, I have taken good care of her and in return she still runs. Also her parts are available incase if she runs out but hope that it never happens.”

Hiral Dossa was leading the ‘All Ladies Team’ in a 1933 Hudson 7 Sweater Phaeton which was also the only surviving body style in the world and had a cavalry of women drivers following her.

Vivek M Pittie who was behind his 1921 Type II Steyr bagged a couple of top honours, first in the Concours D’Elegance for the Best Vintage Car and also for the Best Performance Vintage Car category. The Best Maintained Car in the Vintage Car Category went to the 1926 Rolls Royce 20 HP owned by Amal Tanna.

Speaking on the occasion, Nitin Dossa, President, Vintage & Classic Car Club of India said that he was very impressed with the participation and the enthusiasm shown by them and was pleased that the number of participants increased in the sixth edition. “There are 5 new cars which were introduced this year. I am pleased that the car collection and its restoration is improving. The entrants have been very enthusiasts and were asking for another event in the calendar year.”

He also made a grand announcement for more vintage festivities for the centenary year of the Western Indian Automobile Association which will not only include a Vintage Car and Bike rally but would also include 100 Supercars. “WIAA is celebrating its 100th year in 2019 and we hope to do an event towards the end of January or February depending on the FIA chief Jean Todt who will be coming from Paris. We will be running 100 Supercars, 100 Vintage and Classic and 100 Vintage and Classic bikes which will run from Ballard Pier to Bandra-Kurla Complex and return back to the starting point,” said Dossa.

Padma Lal owner of Triumph 1929 said there was a deep connection with her car as it was a gift from her husband. “This is a 1929 car and I got it in 1984 my husband has a love for cars and I got it as a gift. It was not in a great condition it was pretty rundown. From 1984 to 2014 it was lying in the garage. It was difficult to do up the car firstly because its parts are no longer available, so now we could import the parts do up the car again.”

Winners list:

Concours D’Elegance – Vintage Car: 1921 Type II Steyr owned by Vivek M Pittie, Classic Car: 1958 Easel Villager owned by Vivek & Zita Goenka.

Best Performance: Vintage Car: 1921 Type II Steyr owned by Vivek M Pittie, Classic Car: 1948 Ford Super owned by Percy M. Master, Recent Classic Car: 1970 Chevrolet Nova owned by Neeraj Birla.

Best Maintained – Vintage Car: 1926 Rolls Royce 20 HP owned by Amal Tanna, Classic Car: 1959 Mercedes Benz 300D owned by Abbas Y Jasdanwalla.

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