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Vikrant says MOVE FAST LIVE SLOW with the world first 500 day warranty collection; collaborates with D2C brand DaMENSCH



National, 15 July 2022: Premium menswear brand DaMENSCH has announced its collaboration with popular actor Vikrant Massey for the world’s first “The 500-Day Warranty Collection. To resonate with this innovative collection, the brand brings Vikrant for its campaign to promote the concept ‘#MoveFastLiveSlow’.

The collection is for the men who move fast yet live slow because they like to pause, ponder and appreciate what they do. Vikrant, India’s most progressive and innovative icon who chooses quality over quantity collaborated with DaMENSCH to join the collective of Da (MENSCH) Men, with the world’s first 500-day warranty.

Commenting on his collaboration with DaMENSCH, Vikrant Massey said, “I’ve always believed that we’re here to make something that stands the test of time. To do that it’s important to stay within my comfort zone and yet thrive. That’s what DaMENSCH is all about – a comfort zone of fashion. And THE 500-DAY WARRANTY COLLECTION is proof that quality will always be timeless and never go out of fashion.”

“We are thrilled to have Vikrant as the face of our campaign for THE 500-DAY WARRANTY COLLECTION. A filmography of thoughtful choices, Vikrant fits perfectly in the idea of being timeless rather than just adherence to timelines. While moving fast in our world is inevitable, some men like to live slowly to live meaningfully, which makes them visionaries. Vikrant fits the bill perfectly in mirroring the futuristic progressive TG we target who value quality over quantity.” said Deepti Karthik, Senior Vice President of Marketing, DaMENSCH. 

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