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United by Nation, divided by quota?



A person’s identity has now been directly related to the quota that he/she belongs to. India gained independence 69 years ago, but we are still enslaved to the quota system – either by caste or creed. Quota system was pronounced in order to enable equality in the fields of education, power and authority; but over the years this system has witnessed many loopholes.

Airloyal–in order to gain a clearer picture as to what the country thinks about this system–conducted a survey with over 1000 respondents across India who chose to raise their voices.

Airloyal has used its own product, Insights, which is used by over 200 brands in India to get quick consumer feedback from millions of mobile app users in India. Insights is a product by Airloyal that helps in getting insights and opinions through targeted mobile surveys and, these are answered by the 7 million user base that Airloyal’s ladooo app has.

Key highlights from the survey include:

  1. 65% of the respondents feel that the caste-based quota system has been increasingly responsible in increasing discrimination amongst Indians.
  2. 78% of the respondents of our survey feel that the caste-based quota system has definitely adulterated the functioning of education system and the Indian economy in general.  
  3. 3. 70% of the respondents strongly feel that that the caste-based quota system gives an easy access to people who function behind the veil of a designated quota, thus paving a shortcut to success.

What started as a beneficiary scheme is a reason for divide amongst masses. It leaves us with a question: is quota an escape route in the name of upliftment?

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