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Ultra Media & Entertainment Group launches “Ultra Digital Cinema” – A new revolution in Digital Cinema & Content Distribution in India & Worldwide




Ø  “Ultra Digital Cinema” – the only company that provides this unique cinema & other content distribution system through an exclusive “cloud based platform” and not through a satellite or a physical delivery method

Ø  This  “state of the art” delivery system is indigenously developed and caters to a complete range from 4K to 2K to Full HD resolutions with 7.1 lossless sound.

Ø  This technology will be offering an economic and a seamless content distribution with 360 degrees Zero Pilferage & Piracy Security as per ISO 27001 norms

Ø  Producers , Distributors & Content owners can now offer high end audio visual experience to their audience in a minimal cost worldwide 


November, 2017,Mumbai : Ultra Media & Entertainment Private Ltd (Est. 1982) is a professionally managed Entertainment Conglomerate from India providing end to end solutions for the Film & Television Industry globally. “Ultra Digital Cinema”  their new venture provides a unique “hi tech” platform for cinema & other content delivery in India & worldwide.

Ultra will be installing a high end built in projector & server in a single box in every exhibitor’s premises to avoid any copying of the content from a standalone server scenario. They also will provide a superfast broad band connection for every screen through which the content will be distributed hence giving the exhibitors a flawless connectivity to their cloud. Every projection room at all the exhibitor’s premises will have a 24×7 Surveillance of the room & the equipments to curb any man made piracy at the last mile connectivity. One of its strong feature is a unique anti- pilferage system with complete forensic evidence and invisible watermark in case of any sabotage or tampering of projector systems & technology. The installation cost will range from Rs 9- 12 lakhs per screen, depending on the size of the theatre, geographical location and other factors. There will be no charges or rentals levied on the exhibitor for the same.

Ultra will be recovering their investment on each screen from the Film Producers / Distributors and the various brands that will advertise in the cinema halls. They will be charging the producers & distributors for the (CDC) content delivery charges  /  ( VPC) virtual print charges ranging from an amount of Rs 250 to Rs 350 per show , per screen depending upon the film, language and the geographical area of the exhibitor .The company with their in-house marketing and sales team will be targeting national & state government Public awareness campaigns. They also will be targeting national & local brands across various genres for Cinema Hall advertising.

The technology also provides 24 x 7 Dashboard facility for All Stake-Holders ( Exhibitors,Distributors,Content Owners,Studios-Agencies] to get instant notifications about the status of a particular show & advertisements, for example on : ongoing shows, completed shows, expired shows, requested shows, cancelled shows etc. This can be done anytime from the comfort of their offices or through smart phone with complete report .It also has 24X7 Connected Digital Cinema Server UNIT, a 100% seamless content distribution network automated by schedule and show times and a dynamic show and advertisement scheduling as per the Cinema Chain / Owners Needs

Ultra Digital Cinema will be providing their film content distribution service to theatres all over India and globally. In India, the company will be targeting around 500 screens by the end of calendar year 2018, In the first phase they will be targeting Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh ,mainly because it is a Hindi language belt in terms of content consumption .After the successful installation in these cities the company will be targeting the southern part of the country in their second phase and then the rest of India in the following phases.

Ultra Media & Entertainment Group pioneers in Copyright & Content Acquisition, Syndication & Distribution  from various production companies worldwide. It also provides a plethora of post production services like Scanning, Restoration, Colorization, 2D to 3D Stereoscopic Conversion etc. Currently it has an exhaustive library consisting of over 1500 titles comprising of blockbuster Indian & International films, television serials and other contents. Its spread across an array of genres ranging from comedy, romance, family drama, satire, action, horror & many more.

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