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Treat your hair to sensorial luxury every day with Oriflame’s new Milk and Honey Gold Hair range



Envelop your hair in creamy moisture with the Milk and Honey Gold Shampoo, Conditioner, and Hair Mask

Mumbai, 23rd June 2021: Oriflame, leading social selling Swedish beauty brand, is proud to introduce the new and enriched Milk & Honey Gold Hair Care range. Milk & Honey Gold is a much-loved and trusted Heritage brand that harnesses the nourishing power of traditional ingredients, whilst offering affordable luxury. Infused with organically sourced milk and honey extracts – known as the “elixir of life” – this perfect blend creates an indulgent experience with its sumptuously creamy texture.

With the New Milk & Honey Gold Hair Care range, the hair feels luxuriously cared for as moisture is replenished, leaving it radiant, soft and strengthened from the inside out. The Range comprises – Milk & Honey Gold Shampoo, Milk & Honey Gold Conditioner and Milk & Honey Gold Hair Mask.

Milk & Honey Gold Shampoo generously nourishes and gently cleanses the hair to restore its natural shine and vitality. Enriched with a sumptuous moisturising blend of organically sourced milk and honey extracts, our enchantingly creamy shampoo leaves hair radiantly soft, supple and silky

With a nourishing blend to condition and seal in moisture, the brand’s new, luxurious Milk & Honey Gold conditioner leaves the hair feeling sumptuously soft, silky and easy-to-manage. Divinely scented with the signature Milk & Honey Gold fragrance for an indulgent sensorial experience

Envelop your hair in our luxuriously creamy Milk & Honey Gold Hair Mask to deeply nourish and moisturise hair, leaving it radiantly soft and silky. With a new, deluxe nourishing blend of conditioning ingredients, the rich texture melts into the hair while infusing it with the divinely scented Milk & Honey Gold fragrance for a truly indulgent experience.

Speaking on the new range, Spokesperson – Oriflame, said, “We are delighted to unveil our new Milk & Honey Gold Hair Care range featuring an array of hair care products that will delight your senses & nourish your hair. Our new Milk & Honey Gold hair range is built on the brand’s reputation and grand heritage with an improved, luxuriously moisturising blend of rich conditioning ingredients, designed to leave hair softer, silkier and more radiant.We are sure you will love these!”