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Energize, Empower, Balance or Relax: Experience emotional well-being with Oriflame’s Mind & Mood essential oil collection




Presents the world’s first essential oil blends that go through neuroscientific testing to measure effects on different areas of the brain corresponding to various facets of emotional well-being 


Mumbai, April 3, 2022: Oriflame, leading social selling Swedish beauty brand, has been transforming the meaning of beauty with Beauty by Sweden. The brand believes in a more holistic definition of beauty that transcends beyond just looking good. According to Oriflame, beauty is about looking and feeling good, inside and out. Building on this philosophy, the brand has marked its foray into the essential oils segment with Mind & Mood.

Today, wellness is no longer about just physical well-being, but also about emotional health. A large number of people are now actively taking care of their emotional wellbeing, especially during the global pandemic. Since emotions are the driving force behind our behaviors, actions, decisions and mood, it is important to take control of our emotional wellbeing, so that you can be your best self for work, for relationships with family & friends, and for yourself.

Oriflame’s Mind & Mood essential oil blends are 100% natural and responsibly sourced, crafted to uplift your emotional well-being. These are available in 4 variants – Energise Me, Empower Me, Balance Me, and Relax Me. Oriflame’s Mind & Body Essential Oil Blends are the first in the world to go through neuroscientific testing to measure its positive effects on the brain.

The impact of each aroma on different parts of the brain is studied extensively through Functional Magnetic Resonance Imagery (fMRI) testing. Oriflame has identified these 4 key moments that have a huge impact on our emotional well-being every day to ensure that we can manage our mood as per the need of the hour.

Energise Me, with Pink Pepper and Grapefruit, is a zesty and spicy aroma. It works on the Motor Cortex to boost energy, much needed as a morning wake-up call or that afternoon slump of energy. Empower Me, enriched with Laurel and Bergamot, is a green, herbal, and juicy aroma that works on the Ventromedial Prefrontal Cortex to channelize self-empowerment to boost your confidence before an important meeting or before addressing a group of people.

Balance Me, with Olibanum and Cedarwood, is a woody, earthy, and comforting aroma which effects the Precuneus to encourage self-awareness and mindfulness to consciously calm the mind. This can help you feel less distracted and stay in the moment, whether you want to switch between tasks at work or switch off from work to embrace your personal life. Finally, Relax Me is enriched with Sandalwood and Lavandin that work on the Pons and Globus Pallidus to achieve a calm state. The warm and woody aroma is the best way to relax your mind and feel the tension melt away before you go to bed.

While making sure that these oil blends help you at all crucial steps through the day, Oriflame has also made them super easy to use. Simply breathe in the scent from the bottle anytime, anywhere, or use the diffuser to mist your room or use for a massage with a carrier oil. Want to use them on-the-go? Just roll them on with the unique ready-to-use format.

Speaking on the launch, Spokesperson – Oriflame, said, “We are proud to launch our new range of essential oil blends that will positively impact your emotional well-being – Mind & Mood. Since we believe that a healthy lifestyle is not just about physical health but also the health of your mind, the launch is the next natural progression in our longstanding holistic approach to beauty. Mind & Mood will boost your energy, relax your mind, empower & balance you when you need, especially in today’s busy, digital world where you are constantly switched on. Backed by breakthrough neuroscientific testing, Mind & Mood will influence your emotions and enabling you to live the life you desire.!”