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TradeIndia empowers 2.9 million SMEs in 2021 by unlocking new business opportunities and frontiers



  •  Helps 45000 SMEs in generating digital invoice of Rs.96 cr
  • SMEs utilized the platform for sharing quotations worth more than Rs 1000 Crore
  • Aids 20,000+ small businesses to enhance their online presence and increase their local business visibility using Google My Business.

Mumbai: 18th January 2022: TradeIndia, India’s largest online B2B marketplace, has wrapped a highly lucrative year of growth For SMEs and local businesses around the country. The company has marked a number of glorious outcomes for the SME circuit that were witnessed during 2021. These remarkable business winnings also proved instrumental in expanding both TradeIndia’s operational footprint and market presence. The COVID-19 pandemic has vastly reshuffled previous business trends by inspiring pan-industry digitization across the Small and Medium Enterprise ecosystem.

This post-pandemic volatility seemingly forced companies, irrespective of their size and stature, to ensure the rapid deployment of new-age technologies and innovations to cope with the unprecedented turbulence. And TradeIndia, as the nation’s leading business platforms for SMEs has made immense contributions towards the national economic engine by empowering businesses in the new normal. By enabling emergent businesses to access cutting-edge technology on its proprietary platform, TradeIndia has helped countless businesses register novel openings and rich prospects in the changed post-pandemic circumstances.

With the pandemic fuelling the growth of a fully-digital invoice and payment collections ecosystem, TradeIndia has helped  over 45,000 SMEs generating invoices worth Rs. 96 crore using TradeKhata, a digital ledger solution for businesses. Moreover, about 22,000+ small businesses were able to enhance their online presence and increase their local business visibility using Google My Business. That’ not all; over 1 lakh products of merchants listed across different industry verticals on TradeIndia appeared on Google Shopping which provided the dual benefits to small businesses by generating more visibility and sales. TradeIndia also developed a feature to create an online store that allowed businesses to automatically upload products in Google Shopping, thereby helping SMEs go digital. Furthermore, the TradeIndia platform aided countless SMEs in sharing quotations grossing more than Rs 1000 crore directly to buyers.

Speaking on the cumulative growth, the spokesperson for TradeIndia, said, “The pandemic was a veritable litmus test for industries across the globe. With the sudden change in the business landscape, it became clear that only a full-fledged shift towards digital innovation can save the day. Therefore, TradeIndia stood unwavering in its commitment towards enabling countless SMEs enhance their technological capabilities and go digital in the new normal. We are thoroughly pleased that we had access to the necessary tech-resources and knowhow that proved crucial in catalyzing such a monumental business transition for the nation’s SME community. With small and medium enterprises functioning as the backbone of the country, we are confident that this promising upsurge of new opportunities and openings will go a long way in charting India’s path to economic resurgence in the post-pandemic age.”