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  • Vertu Art of ConversationLuxury mobile phone manufacturer, Vertu, presents three new additions to the Vertu Signature Collection;  Signature Ultimate Black, Signature Red Gold Black DLC and Signature White Mother of Pearl
  • The voice-centric icon remains popular with global customers looking for a pure Vertu experience, centred on peerless call quality, artisan hand craftsmanship and materials, and dedicated concierge
  • Signature Ultimate Black, Signature Red Gold Black DLC and Signature White Mother of Pearl is now available in India
  • Prices start from Rs. 14,00,000

Vertu, the world’s leading manufacturer of luxury mobile phones, presents its latest additions to the Signature Collection; Signature Ultimate Black, Signature Red Gold Black DLC and Signature White Mother of Pearl.

Despite the advent of smartphones, Vertu’s voice-centric Signature Collection continues to be highly desirable, currently accounting for nearly 30 per cent of all Vertu sales.

Vertu Chief Executive Officer, Massimiliano Pogliani explains: “Signature is our flagship handset; an icon of luxury and the most effortless mobile experience available. The appeal of this collection lies in three characteristics; unique and elegant design and engineering, the highest level of Dedicated Concierge and fuss free, high quality calls. Signature is for those that relish conversation.

Many of our customers prefer to communicate verbally; they want a voice centric device for their call and when they require a service from their Concierge, they want to speak to them, not email them. After all, their Concierge knows them personally and it is a relationship both parties value. On top of this, our Signature customers enjoy using a beautifully conceived, elegantly designed handset that, thanks to its signal strength, as well as extended battery life, offers immaculately clear sound.

Signature is the device with which we pioneered the luxury mobile market, and its design has become part of Vertu’s DNA. There is a tactile elegance to Signature that is unrivalled by most modern smartphones and its unique position within the mobile landscape is why existing customers remain loyal to it and why we continue to welcome new customers to this model.”

Signature Ultimate Black

Signature Ultimate Black is the purest black handset Vertu has ever produced, with even the interface appearing entirely black. The key mat’s numbers and letters appear only when the key mat is in use. The pure black face is broken only by the Vertu V logo.

The intense and deep black mirror-like, reflective surfaces are achieved by the abrasion resistant, ultra-hard, Diamond Like Coating (DLC) which, other than its solid sapphire crystal screen and leather casing, covers the entire phone.

Whilst this coating is as thin as 1/50 of a human hair (2 microns), it is ten times harder than stainless steel. It is the same coating technology Formula One teams apply to the most critical parts of F1® engines. Signature Ultimate Black comes with a matching black leather case.

Signature Red Gold Black DLC

Signature Red Gold Black is the more glamorous brother of Signature Ultimate Black. With the same DLC coating and completely black screen, its pure black lines are enhanced by a polished, 18k red gold trim and select key. Signature Red Gold Black DLC also comes with a matching black leather case.

Signature White Mother of Pearl

The beautifully elegant Signature White Mother of Pearl features stunning, natural mother of pearl inlays, carefully set under the sapphire face pieces making each phone unique. Finished with a dazzling, Princess cut diamond select key, the product is completed with a polished white ceramic pillow and pearl-finish, white alligator skin. Signature White Mother of Pearl comes with a matching pearl-finish, white alligator, clutch-style case.

Pogliani continues: “In Signature Ultimate Black we wanted to make a statement about quiet confidence, hence we have removed every colour, every graphic. The depth of black is achieved through the DLC coating. This is darker than PVD and absolutely black. For the first time ever the interface is hidden. The result is a powerful and sophisticated handset; an uncompromising minimalist and masculine design.

In Signature Red Gold Black the attitude expressed in Signature Ultimate Black shifts, with the addition of the bold, red gold embellishments, to a grounded and confident glamour. In contrast to its siblings, Signature White Mother of Pearl has at once a strength and lightness; it is the ballerina of our set, exquisite, feminine, embodying grace and beauty.”


Vertu’s ‘Dedicated Concierge’ service is available for all Signature customers. Each customer is assigned a dedicated Lifestyle Manager, who is available at the end of the phone with just a touch of a button. This single point of contact can assist with all manner of requests; from day-to-day restaurant recommendations and reservations – to more extraordinary asks, such as sourcing a special gift for a loved one.

The more a customer uses the concierge service, the more their dedicated Lifestyle Manager becomes attuned to their needs, travel patterns and personal interests – which enables them to make tailored recommendations and suggestions. It provides the ultimate expression of bespoke technology, coupled with truly personal service.

‘Vertu LIFE’ is also available on Signature. This offers all Vertu customers a curated selection of exclusive privileges and unrestricted access to elite events, available directly on the device. Features include complimentary entry to the most exclusive Private Members’ Clubs around the world, as well as access to invitation-only events and closed-door shopping experiences.

Vertu began working on a luxury mobile phone concept as early as 1998 and four years later the company shipped its first product, Signature, from its headquarters in Hampshire, England. Today, Vertu still leads the market that it pioneered, with a range of phones available: Vertu Signature, Vertu Signature Touch and Vertu Aster. Each product in the range delivers an unrivalled synergy of handcraftsmanship and materials, unique design, leading technology and curated services. Every Vertu phone is handcrafted by a single craftsman whose signature is engraved on the inside of the handset.

The Signature Collection can be found in Vertu stores and luxury retailers.

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