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This Valentine week, Velo-de-Spa is giving special treatment to all its customers



Velo ReceptionVelo-de-Spa one of the most sought after Spa’s in Bandra Mumbai is offering all its customers a special massage which is a scientific blend of Aroma, Swedish and Thai Massages and it also incorporates Acupressure and physiotherapy elements. This the Velo signature massage which has been developed over many years and many of its techniques have been handed down over generations from a specific community in the Northeast of India.

The effect of this massage is a complete rejuvenation of the body as well as the brain. The therapy unblocks the human arteries and veins thus increasing the blood flow which results in the body becoming more energetic and even gets rid of pains and aches.
The best part of the therapy is the relaxation of the mind. The increased fresh blood flow in the brain enhances the lateral thinking and increases the creative left brain and the logical right brain. This results in better decision making and also getting new ideas or out of the box thinking.
So if you are working hard, take an hour out of your busy schedule to get this massage therapy in a specially designed environment with nature sounds and aromas designed to stimulate all your 5 senses and recharge your mind and body.
There is a special discounted pricing throughout the Valentine week from 11th to the 18th of February, The price is 1250/- for Aroma massage and 1650/- for Velo Signature massage, however do not forget to call for an appointment as the Spa may be going housefull.
The Spa numbers are 9152238681, 961933606 and it is located at Bandra near Linking Road KFC Lane 14th Road Near Monkey Bar and NM Medical, opp Blanco – Brightland building ground floor.