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Taiwan’s smart manufacturing solutions to boost industry chains post COVID



Mumbai, 1st April 2020: With the COVID-19 pandemic hitting businesses across the world, countries are trying to find alternative solutions.

Since Taiwan is an ICT leader, industries in the country have been applying IoT concepts to manufacturing and have been integrating high technologies such as sensor systems, automation equipment, Big Data analysis, and A.I. The island has upgraded from traditional machinery manufacturers to solution providers of smart production. These industries are playing a key role in the global development of Industry 4.0.

In recent times, IoT has brought about a major change to industry in general, redefining the whole industrial chain. Through the integration of digital technology and automated control technology, IoT can carry out human-robot collaboration and cooperation, process automation, and create highly-flexible production lines. In the current situation, where there is low-volume and high-mix market demand, manufacturers can upgrade their production process from mass and unified to highly-customized. This new approach can enhance production capacity, usher in more revenue, and generate business opportunities. Production lines can become stable and efficient as operators can troubleshoot and receive information on the latest production status through internet-connected devices. This can happen even though they are away from the production lines.

Chin Fong Machine Industrial Co. is a good example that promotes IoT technology. Its Intelligent Double Crank Power Press offers self-monitoring function by incorporating Big Data collection, AI technology, and sensing equipment. Through the integration of cloud technology, software, and automated production lines, the power press can also achieve smart production management. Another company is EQUIPTOP, whichoffers the Smart Precision Grinder that creates a brand new after-sales mechanism through the integration of IoT functions.

Mark Wu, Executive Director of TAITRA’s Strategic Marketing Department said,“Industrial IoT has been considered a cornerstone of the next-generation manufacturing system. It may assume even more importance as industries try to recover from COVID impact. Industries in Taiwan have built a new ecosystem of industrial IoT through the integration of advanced ICT and smart manufacturing. They can prove to be best partners for the global manufacturing industry in the face of industrial upgrade.”