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Taiwan Excellence brings Taiwan’s top brands to display precision and perfection in Automation Expo Connect 2021




Mumbai, 15th September: Automation in industries has become a crucial part of both external and internal processes. It visibly enhances efficiency, liability, and steers progress. The recent pandemic laid all the more emphasis on the importance of machine and minimization of human input in almost every sector of the economy.

It has been noted that automation, along with improving the life of workers, ascertains the manufacturing and distribution of products and services at a higher rate, and reduces the downtime and possibilities of human error.

Greater access to automation makes our lives better, countries like Taiwan present the perfect example of how smart machinery and artificial intelligence help improve the quality and flexibility of the products they make.

To present another impeccable example of how machines can lend efficacy to human lives, Taiwan Excellence is all set to take part in South East Asia’s first virtual expo for Automation & Instrumentation — Automation Expo Connect 2021. The expo will take place from September 22 to 25.

Six Taiwan Excellence award winning automation solution providers are going to participate in the expo include Advantech, APLEX, GMT Global, HIWIN, TOYO and Techman Robot. These companies’ booths have been arranged in the “Factory Automation Zone” of the exhibition.

These companies will showcase their latest products and solutions including factory management systems based on Industry 4.0, industrial computing systems, precision components (electronic cylinders, ball screws with IIoT functions) automatic guided vehicle systems, collaborative robots for palletizing in their pavilions. The idea is to address those who wish to improve productivity, realise industry upgrading right from start- ups to major companies.

Taiwan Excellence will also organise “Link To Automation” webinar on September 22 for media, manufacturing industry, importers, agents, retailers and end users to apprise them about Taiwan’s latest technology and innovation in automation space. Taiwan Excellence believes that the virtual environment will make it more convenient and easier to meet customers from around the globe and discuss novel developments with industry partners and experts.

This is the first time Taiwan Excellence will be participating in the expo connect and it plans to put up a dynamic and vibrant show of some of its most innovative and award-winning products in the exhibition.

This is also the first time Automation Expo holds online and uses a new virtual exhibition platform enabling more live sessions, meeting possibilities, and better person-to-person networking.

To attend Taiwan Excellence Webinar – “Link To Automation” and receive your login, you can register at