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Swati Pasari A Young and Vibrant Artist from Kolkata




They say that you have to be lost in order to be found. Every artist strives for inner peace, and art is only a method of finding inner wholesomeness. No two stories are ever the same. Hence, it would be improper to categorize Swati as a painter or an artist into a group that is shared by many. In fact she cannot be categorized at all because her paintings are an extension of herself.

Swati Pasari’s paintings talk about immortality, timelessness, some others talk about finding inner stillness and peace. These are the life goals of this young lady who has discovered painting as one of the ways to attain her inner peace.

While her art has immense artistic maturity, she has been painting since years. And in those few years, she has already exhibited her paintings in several parts of the world with many upcoming exhibitions scheduled.

Artist Swati Pasari says, “My art is driven with a desire to bring out all that I have within myself, while preserving the spiritual beauty of nature and all of creation. I believe that art has the power to heal emotions and thoughts, and that is philosophy which underlies all my creations. My attempt is to capture those elements of our existence which are eternal, changeless and hence infinite. To capture the infinite using finite tools is next to impossible, yet I try.”

She looks at each painting as a mirror that portrays herself and all that she stands for. Being a Pranic Healer, she has a strong spiritual side to herself and most of her paintings are made with the intention of spreading positivity.

They say that you have to be lost in order to be found. Not always…is what her paintings say.

Celebrating Life

Colours. Colours provide identity to an object. Colours are also the first perception of a newborn child as it climbs out of a mother’s womb. First there are colours, then there are shapes and structures. Finally, there is a vague understanding of the world surrounding the child based on what the child sees. It is the same for all of us. Research shows, that visual perception influences the human mind more deeply than any other form of perception. For instance, we get soaked in the beauty of a beautiful landscape when we see one and similarly our hearts sink in grief when we see an image of the destitute in Africa. The colors and shapes we see have a deep impact on our mood and psychology.

Each colour is a combination of many other colours and we often associate different colours with different moods and emotions. So what happens when we mix all colours? We get the colour white which is often associated with peace, tranquility and stillness.

Metaphorically, after one has experienced all the joys and pains of life and when one allows oneself to be overwhelmed by all these experiences, what remains is a state of oneness and stillness.

Soulink is a study of this connection between life and what constitutes life. It is an expression of the joy and celebration of colours on canvas. A canvas is a blank sheet just like life. Whatever colour it assumes, lies entirely in the hands of the artist. You are that artist.

As we swing day and night through different emotions, we keep painting our life-canvas with different colours. Soon the colours take shape and we have what others call a “personality”. And then some aspects of the personality keep changing with time, while some other aspects are permanent.

Through her paintings, our artist, Swati Pasari has been exploring the world of spirituality and self-cognition for a number of years now. Her work has earned her accolades all over the globe and this time, she is back with a collection of paintings expressing the sheer joy of existence. Her attempt is to understand life and herself through the world of her paintings and hence this collection is aptly called “The many colours of life”.

What we see, what we think, what we experience shapes our identity and creates the person that we become. If we seek the company of the enlightened, think only positive thoughts and talk health and happiness to all we meet, we will become healthy, happy and successful. Adopting this timeless principle in her paintings, Swati has made use of bright vibrant colours to create characters immersed in joy and bliss.

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