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Photo 6The swimming pool of Canadian International School came alive as it hosted their unique event – Recycled Regatta” at its campus. The Recycled Regatta is a school-wide challenge wherein students from classes 6-11 design and construct floatation devices made entirely out of recycled materials and capable of holding students who had to race the floatable unit across the length of the pool. The event was focused on resourcefulness. learning and fun, while teams tested their creativity and boating skills racing their homemade devices crafted from recycled materials.

Although regattas are typically amateur competitions, it was a formally structured event, with comprehensive rules describing the schedule, specifications and procedures of the event. The event was designed to promote team building and create awareness for recycling and reusing materials.

“To raise awareness of living a more environmentally friendly life, we had initiated this event.  The Regatta consists of students building boats out of recycled materials which they have accumulated over a period of three weeks. During the competition, recycled boat races headlined the day in the school swimming pool with House Teams testing their creative, building, and boating skills.  Both students and teachers thoroughly enjoyed the event, and some have already started making plans for next year’s event, which promises to be bigger and better”, said Chris van Rooyen, IB Psychology teacher at Canadian International School.

“We were proud that we could do so much for the environment and have so much fun while doing it. We thought it was incredible that we could all come together to make a better place for us to live in,” said Syed Mohammed Fateh, a student at CIS.


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