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2. Girish Jain with Anirudh Dhoot, Manyata Dutt, Varun Dhawan, Sophie Choudry, Champak Jain, Niel Nitin Mukesh  DSC_8600 mti newsVenus Worldwide Entertainment’s equity coupled with the dancing 3. Manya Dutt, Varun Dhawan, Sophie Choudry, Neil Nitin Mukesh, and Champak Jain DSC_8655 mti newsdiva Sophie Choudry’s latka & jhatka’s is a perfect recipe for a chartbuster. The single which was released on 27th August, 2016 in Mumbai is already touted to be “The Sangeet Anthem” for the coming wedding & festive season and the hottest bachelorette for this year .

6. Abbas Mastan with Sophie Choudry and Champak Jain DSC_9049 mti news27th August, 2016 in Mumbai- After a gap of three years, the stage 8. Champak Jain with Sophie Choudry Ajay Arora and Lovel Arora DSC_8878 mti newswitnessed an unforgettable evening when Sophie Choudry performed live & exclusive as she captivated the audience with her performance at the launch of her new single “Sajan Main Nachungi” which is released under the banner of prestigious music label Venus Worldwide Entertainment.

The launch saw the presence of Neil Nitin Mukesh, Tushar Kapoor, Abbas Mustan, Manyata Dutt, Shweta Khanduri, Mansi, Anurag Pandey, Yogesh Lakhani, Anirudh Dhoot, Ganesh Jain, Girish Jain.

11. Sophie Choudry with Varun Dhawan DSC_8324 mti newsChampak Jaain of Venus Worldwide Entertainment says “Sophie has done an 16. Sophie Choudry Performing 'DSC_8234 mti newsoutstanding job in the single. It is after 3 years that she is coming up with her single & we are proud to release it under our label. The song is peppy and captures the essence of bachelorette. At Venus we aim to present the best to the audience”

Sophie Choudry says “‘I’m glad that music videos are becoming a thing again… because of artists like

Honey Singh, Badshah & a few more but most of them still have actors in the lead roles apparently leaving no difference between a movie song & a music video. Cast an actor by all means but give the singer the scope to perform as well otherwise this is just another form of playback singing’ shares Sophie.18. Sophie Choudry with Varun Dhawan Performing DSC_8461 mti news

Basking in the glory of her new hit track, ‘I miss the days of Nazia, Alisha, Shweta, Shaan, Lucky Ali, Euphoria & many more. At one point music videos were bigger than film songs because they were sexy, fun, glamarous… then every single person wanted to make sexy remix videos & gradually the market just died. I hope it doesn’t happen again,’ signs off Sophie.

The single directed by Colossus (Ajay & Lovel), is picturized & vocals given by Sophie Choudry which revolves around a bachelorette party. The single “Sajan Main Nachungi” opens with a fun opening verse and then launches into club mode with the party beats. When the song speeds up the tempo, it sounds very punjabi-like which enhances the danceable mood of the song. Although the song has a western touch, it is undoubtedly high on its hindi & punjabi feel.23. Shweta Khanduri with Anurag Pandey DSC_7819 mti news17. Neil Nitin Mukesh DSC_7961 mti news12. Champak Jain with Shweta Khanduri DSC_7859 mti news

The forte of Venus Worldwide Entertainment, apart from selecting the right kind of music, lies in music promotion. Venus Worldwide Entertainment has always been powered by innovation. Their marketing approach has been a stupendous success winning them great acclaim. Hence, the single “Sajan Main Nachungi” featuring Sophie Choudry has already created a lot of buzz due to its marketing strategies involved in the promotion of the single.

14. Shweta Khanduri DSC_7843 mti newsThe ability of the company to adapt itself to changing market trends has been 15. Sophie Choudry DSC_8951 mti newsproved extremely relevant in its success. Venus Worldwide Entertainment has been the trendsetter as it has always stayed a step ahead of the industry.

Produced by- Champak Jaain & Aura Creative; Video Director- Colossus (Ajay & Lovel); Music- Vikram Montrose; Lyrics- Shekkhar Astitwa; DOP- Ravi Yadav20. Champak Jain Addresing Media during the Press Conference  DSC_8076 mti news