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Roche Diabetes Care Launches ACCU-FINE ® Pen Needles for Virtually Painless Insulin Delivery



Aims to increase compliance and improve outcomes for People with Diabetes

Mumbai, India, 9 May 2022: Roche Diabetes Care India (RDC India) today announced the launch of ACCU-FINE ® , quality pen needles to make the process of insulin delivery smoother and virtually painless for people with diabetes. This latest innovation from Roche Diabetes Care, makers of ACCU-CHEK ®, aims to make the process of insulin delivery easier thereby leading to better diabetes management for people with diabetes.

The ACCU-FINE ® needles are available in packs of 100 in three variants including a 33G 4mm variant, which is a first in India. Based on deep customer insights, the ACCU-FINE ® Pen Needles are specially designed with three key features to make them gentle in use. First, the needle has a special cut at the tip to ensure gentle insertion; second, the needle has a thin wall to enable rapid insulin flow; and third, the needle has a special coating that allows it to be inserted into the skin easily. The needles come with a sealed sterile protective cap and an additional protective cap for double protection.

Speaking about this launch, Omar Sherief, Cluster Head – India Middle East and Africa, RDC said, “An important part of successful diabetes management is regular and timely insulin delivery. The process of injecting is sometimes unpleasant for people with diabetes, causing fear. This often leads to insulin initiation delay which is closely associated with poor glycemic control and further clinical complications 1 . In keeping with our commitment to #PutPatientsFirst, we believe that our ACCU-FINE ®  Pen Needles will make the insulin initiation experience easier & virtually painless for people with diabetes. With this initiative we are one step closer to helping people with diabetes manage their condition better.”

The product is already available for purchase in pharmacies across the Indian market.

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